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Tarot Reversals

Tarot reversals are nothing but the reversed cards in a tarot pack. This is what you already know. And if you are a beginner, I also know that Tarot Reversals are a pain in the butt for you. :) 
Well here I am to give you some tips and info to make your job a little bit easy. Tarot Reversals are not negative let me tell you. Not all Tarot cards will mean negative when in reversed position. Some mean positive too. And this pic below has a very positive meaning to the centre reversed card, the Hanged woman :)

Tarot Reversals

When Tarot Cards are reversed, they mean - 

- Blockage of energy of that card. Which means that whatever card is in reversed position either you or the querent isn’t able to digest or use the energy of that card fully. You/ Querent is not able to use or is not using it deliberately. e.g. If your querent has a reversed Magician in his reading. Then it just means he/she isn’t utilising the full potential of the magician. And the magician’s energy to "manifest just anything in this world" is going waste.
- Not able to accept the energy of a card can also be meaning of the Tarot Reversal. If the querent isn’t able to accept the energy of a card. Which means he is already getting that situation or energy in his life. But isn’t able to accept it. e.g the reversed strength card or death card, which means querent has strength. But the situation at hand is demanding to show his strength, which he doesn't want to accept. So he will try to run away from that situation or complain, or play a victim kinda role.
- Reversals also mean the shallow use of the energy of that card. Though what is energy/ task is offered is known but its seldom used. Whereas when that reversed card is present in the reading, means that you/client have been offered that task/ energy, and you have to use that energy in your/clients life.
Problem with Tarot Reversed Cards

Reversed cards are necessary in a reading. Life would be so simple if people accepted everything that came their way. If you knew since start that you are here to learn lessons from good and bad situations. Things would have been so easy. If you knew what you are supposed to do, when you have to do it and how you have to do it. Knowing what Soul Path to follow and how to evolve inorder to reach Nirvana. If all this was known Tarot wouldn’t have been invented at the first place. 
But you know that that’s not the case. And so you have ups and downs in life. At times you are not sure where to go, what to do and how to do. That’s where the entire range of fortune tellers get into the scene. 
Life isn’t perfect and a heavenly place all the time. Actually heavens are here and now. But you are not yet evolved inorder to experience/ feel it. That’s where Tarot too can’t be straight on the face with you. It has to be reversed when things are not right inside you.

Not all Reversed cards mean negative - 
Oh yes, that’s true. Tarot cards might be reversed or upright. In both cases you will find Positive cards, cards with fluctuating meaning(might be positive for some/might be negative for some or have a dual meaning for some), and Negative cards. 

5 Extremely/intensely positive cards, when reversed - 

5 Extremely/intensely positive cards, when reversed

1. Nine of Swords - This is the hell of a card, when turns out in a reading. While in the upright position it means trouble.! But when its reversed not that much trouble seems to be coming. When upright of this card shows that how you are getting trapped into the unknown burden of problem. Reversed though might show that you have problems yet have got over and learned tackling them better. Or you just escaped a depression from setting in.
2. Ten of Swords- The brother of the Nine of Swords, this card is also on same level of negativity like the Nine of Swords. This card though means a bit positive when reversed. In upright position it might be a bringer of someone near to you who will backstab, but reversed just means that you escaped something like that or just realised and saved yourself from it. It means a lot more, but here I am just giving a hint. You might already have become aware of the one who would possibly bask stab.
3. Eight of Swords - This card relieves you when in reversed position. The bondage and unclarity ain’t anymore or is surpassed. You aren’t feeling tied up, and can rather move past your own limitations. You have the power to see beyond your beliefs and thoughts. And you have the power to open your eyes to the truth. 

4. Devil- The Devil ofcourse the card showing the devil inside you that makes you see devil everywhere outside you. When reversed is GOOD news. As you have already surpassed the veil of illusion that Devil creates and got on grounds where you can see past his Maya. Devil can also be termed as the Maya/ Delusional world that ties you up and makes you feel bound by what's unwanted or uneasy. 
5.Three of Swords- Despite the fact that I have stated here, that these reversed cards mean positive in reversed position. But this positivity happens in a situation that’s rather intense. And might be termed as negative, and these reversed cards help you to cut through the negativity.

5 good/ bad cards, when reversed - 

5 good/ bad cards, when reversed

1.Death - This card when reversed can always be a little relieving that you escaped something that was going to end, which you might not have been able to handle. It could be something that was very dear to you. But this might also be a bad sign that you are escaping the reality and not wanting to accept the new that is coming and old that wants to leave.

2. Tower - Tower scares the hell out of you when in upright position, as though whatever it brings is good to know. But seldom does it come with that good feeling. When reversed though it might in a way mean that something breaking down didn’t come to you, and you weren’t thrown out of the burning tower. But can also mean that a burning truth that you were supposed to know is yet been kept secret from you. Duality here.

3. Two of Pentacles - The cards showing balance and juggling in a way. Can mean relief from doing so and being free at resources at hand. But can also mean that whatever you have at hand is limited. And yet you are playing a freehand with it. Again the card of duality. It can mean both for some, or just a single thing for other.

4. The Moon - The moon would be so much more acceptable if it allowed to see everything in darkness clearly. But when reversed card might mean that things are clear, or there’s nothing to fear about. Reversed card can also mean that you are just believing that things are that way. As the moon is the energy that makes you think that way. Remember mind is driven by the moon?!

5. Nine of Wands - The nine of wands card shows fear and insecurity making you stand indefinitely to protect yourself, when reversed is a little on the good side. Signalling that you have put away the fear and insecurities and have got over it. Yet the reversed cards also give a hint that your guarding sense might have been right and to put it away, your defence might be at danger.

5 good cards that are negative with their meaning, when reversed - 

5 good cards that are negative with their meaning, when reversed

1. Lovers - The all lovely and musical card that everyone wants to see in upright position only, when reversed shows a lot of bad that can come along. From a partner not being the one that you want, but also a relationship going sour, to you not being clear in your heart felt choices. This card is one you should always pray to see positive.

2. World - Ofcourse how can you forget the World card. Not just you but I too want to always see this card in upright position ONLY. Well that’s not what happens, right? This card when reversed can always bring bad news like work being undone, unaccepted, and unworthy. Also delays, un-completion, failure, etc. All that everyone dreads.

3. The Empress - This lady is so much appealing with her royal garments and luxurious surroundings, only to make you feel terrible when she is doing a somersault. Royal things don't look pretty that way right? So is this the way the result it brings, feels? Everywhere from lack, crisis, to un-acceptance of prosperity, prosperity blocks and being devoid of resources you’re in dire need of... Is what this woman can mean when she is doing somersault.

4. The Wheel of Fortune - How much would you love this card to appear in upright position everytime you are stressed and this one shows in the result position?! Relief right? Same way dread fills up when this appears reversed in the outcome card. Everywhere from meaning failure, setbacks to seeing a downfall. This card comes out of no reason and then can bring you down as much as it wants.

5.The Sun - The energy of the most positive star for our galaxy, that gives us life. Can be really negative when in the reversed position. From sickness, to not being able to access the positive energy the universe is giving out to you. This card can mean trouble when reversed. You might always want to accept the energies of this star only positively.
I have created a beautiful Tarot Meditation, that can help you to extract meanings out of your Tarot cards. This meditation is just one of its kind. You don't need a meditation for each card. Just this one meditation can be used with all your Tarot cards. To help you to intuitively connect to the Tarot cards and their meanings.

What to do if the outcome card, or future card is reversed? 

What to do if the outcome card, or future card is reversed?
When future card is reversed a number of things it can mean. Like I said before not all reversed cards are negative, not all reversed cards are positive and not all reversed cards will mean something specific and clear. 
If you realise that the reversed card means some thing that is negative then you first need to understand the situation of the question asked. 

* At times the question might be unworthy to be asked and outcome is already known by the querent. Sometimes people though knowing that something isn’t good for them. Still go in that direction due to their attachment with the situation. And stubborn-ness to accept the outcome which only they want to bring.
* Other times there might be something that is going wrong, that the querent doesn’t know and you need to show them the dangers of their actions, and plus suggest them solutions for what’s coming up.

* There might also be something that you still need to see, and so future card is reversed. In that case just get some 2-3 cards more to help you understand how to overcome that negative situation, the outcome card is showing.
Well this question is the most commonly asked to me, since I started mentoring Tarot. People dread reversed cards so much that they opt totally not to reverse their cards at all. There are tarot readers who don't use reversals, to tarot readers who strongly believe that reversed cards are important to get fuller readings. 
I have to tell you a few things why Tarot reversals are important

1. Tarot reversals can help you understand energy that you are not accepting.
2. Reversals also helps in seeing what has been blocked, you are blocking unknowingly, or you are been kept devoid of something. That only reversed cards will be able to point out. Unless you are extremely intuitive and upright cards also give you such hints.
3. Reversals help you see relief when the negative cards turn up reversed. As there are always two sides of the same coin. Similarly the negative and uncomfy situation also has a reason, can turn into something that’s good to feel when you have overcome that energy. Which can be seen only if you are using reversed cards in your readings.
4. But I do understand the sensitivity of Tarot readers who are empaths. Who get totally numb at the appearance of cards that mean very negative when reversed card like the Lovers appears. There are really good options of decks available that can be used only in upright positions. Like the Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue. See here for more.

That’s all from me for now, but you know as always tarot is something that speaks you from the world thats endless. And so this discussion cannot just barely end here. If you want to go deeper into this topic and learn about Advanced in-depth knowledge related to this subject. Then go here… 

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