If you are interested in submitting your articles related to Tarot, Angel/ Oracle card reading, Numerology, and other such spiritual modes that you might be a master at. Then you're Welcome for it. Due to increasing Requests for Article Submissions and Link inclusions, I have begun Charging for Guest Posts. 

Rs.4999/- Rs. 1499/- or $20.97  for Publishing article to this Blog

Changing a link/s, editing, adding or removing certain content from Existing Guest post. For Editing/ Revising n number of items of the Article, per instance.

Rs. 499/- or $6.99USD 

(Earlier I never charged for changing posts, links, adding or removing content. But due to increasing requests, its difficult for me to manage and attend to all Requests. If your article is already here on this Blog, and you want to edit it. Please write to below given email address. To change any content or links.)

Also make sure the article you write should be written/ edited/ corrected and in a complete format before you send it to me. Also try to send it to me in word document format, along with a short bio of yours to be included in the article. And also 2 links to your website or any one social media presence.

If you're out of India, then choose Paypal for Payment

Select your Duration/service

I would be glad to post your article on my website, awaiting your submission!

Send your entires at, attach your word file, and images separately. 


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