If you are interested in submitting your articles related to Tarot, Angel/ Oracle card reading, Numerology, and other such spiritual modes that you might be a master at. Then you are free to do it, the article will be published on the basis of best written article that are received during a batch of emails received in a month.

Also make sure the article you write should be written/ edited/ corrected and in a complete format before you send it to me. Also try to send it to me in word document format, along with a short bio of yours to be included in the article. And also link to your website or any one social media presence.

I would be glad to post your article on my website, awaiting your submission!

And yes, due to any reason your article isn't posted during the same month you posted it, then try to resend it. As sometimes mails get lost or end up in junk folder.

Send your entires at

Any marketing or promotional stuff should not be included in the article. If you want to include it, your post will be charged for putting that on the article.


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