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Queries & Spread Perfection

Query and Spread Perfection

Read Tarot books CHECK
Read Tarot blogs CHECK
Follow dozens of Tarot readers CHECK
Memorized the Tarot Meanings CHECK
But still mind goes boggled when time comes to select the Perfect spread for your reading?

I also have an article on Beginner Spreads which I wrote earlier this year, check it out here.

How do I manage to hit that right through your head?
Well because I have been through this kinda situation, a lot in past. And then spreads used to boggle. With great difficulty when you get into Tarot. And learn the puzzling meanings. There comes an utterly confusing way of reading, S..p..r..e..a..d..s.. 
queries & Spread Perfection

What are spreads - 

Queries and Spread Perfection

Soul Path Readings 

Well thats what I feel, and you’ll get it wrong if you dont understand this..You may feel that you’ve been through a lot of Tarot books or material. And this kind of definition was found no where. So how did I come up with this. Well believe it or not, with Tarot everything has a deep meaning to it. 

Which if we technically break down into a definition, we might come up with something like this. Systematically laying down cards so that you can uncover layer after layer of the query, to get down to a perfect solution. Which is always in alignment to the Soul Path of the querent.

So you might have learnt about many spreads, but question is now. How to figure out the right spread for your reading. Whenever any query pops up?
Lets take a look at few spreads, and I will guide you with what kind of queries each spread can be used with. 

Three Card Spread - 

This spread is a very common and beginner level easy spread. And saying that its easy and beginner level doesn’t mean that only beginners use. This is a short ans easy spread and can be used with EASE. And when I say ease, its perfect for day to day quick questions, plus perfect for using it on the go. While you are travelling or are in a hurry. Advanced level tarot readers also use this spreads till date. Because of the depth and clarity this spread brings.  
three card spread

Usage specifics of this spread - 1st Card stands for Past, 2nd Card for Present and 3rd Card for Future.
Other usage - 
1. This card can also be used in general when there is no question asked. As most people come to tarot readers, sometimes throw a random question. Like “you just tell me whats in the future”. So this kinda spread can help.
2. Also this spread can be used when a question asked isn’t too complicated. Its easy and not querent isn’t much concerned about. 

7 Chakra Spread - 
Chakra spread is a detailed in depth spread. And usually preferred when one gets very well accustomed to using spreads. But beginner’s can always give it a try. That’s how you learn right?!
Chakra Spread can be used for Health readings, Life readings(overall view about life), readings when one problem comesrepetedly into anybodys life etc 
7 chakra spread

Usage specifics of this spread - 1st Card - Root Chakra(for materialistic life), 2nd Card - Sacral Chakra( for pain/pleasure factor), 3rd Card Solar Plexus(Power and control factor), 4th Heart Chakra(give and take of unconditional Love), 5th Chakra Throat Chakra(Self-esteem and smooth communication to and fro), 6th Chakra Third eye(dream fulfilment, command) and 7th Chakra Crown Chakra(Faith, Divine connection) Go here to learn more in depth about Chakra areas

Other usage - 
  1. Other uses of this spread is to scan and check the energy or aura of the person, through Tarot Cards.
  2. You can also check the strong and weak chakras through this spread. LEARN MORE
There is an even deeper version of this 7 chakra spread that I have put up in the Advanced Tarot Masterclass here, LEARN MORE

Year around spread
Year around spread

This Spread is one you can use to give full year prediction to people. 

Specifics of using this spread - This spread as you can see from the easy and flat layout stands for one card for each month. And you can then take it forward from there about predicting for each month. 

Other uses of this Spread - 
  1. This spread can be used to give prediction when new year begins, or it can be used to give prediction starting from the month the querent has come to you to ask for yearly prediction. for e.g- Nov 2016 to Oct 2017.
  2. This spread can be more detailed by doind 3 card spreads for each month
  3. This spread can also be done with 2 cards, detailing positive and negative factor for each month. To learn how do this, LEARN MORE

This is a Master spread, and it used to freak me out when I began to read tarot initially. I used to try never to use it, as I used to get confused myself :P lol. Whatever times have moved on the fear also fades away with time. And this spread became one of my favorite spreads.
Lets get quickly into how to do this.. 
Super duper detailed this spread layout can be used when there is some question or a very big concern in querents life. One question that brings in a dozen of questions with it. Or this layout can be used with when there is no clear question querent has, but yet describes life isn’t good. Also you can do this reading when a clear outcome is expected plus also a detailed explantion on the in-between time before the outcome is reached. 

Celtic Cross Spread

Specifics of using this spread - This spread is used as 1st Card - the present situation, 2nd Card - The querent, 3rd Card - What’s crossing/blocking, 4th Card root of the issue, 5th Card - Past, 6th Card - Present, 7th Card - Future, 8th Card - your attitude, 9th Card - your environment, 10th Card - Hopes and fears, 11th Card - Outcome/ Result
Other uses of this spread - 
This Spread can be used to do a detailed reading into one area of life. Like health, career etc. 

These are basically the spreads that are at beginner and intermediate level. You can use them even once you become a seasoned professional. As professionals do use them even after years of tarot mastery. 
Also I have more in-depth version of turotial on this article, its Advanced Masterclass on Tarot Spreads and queries, its given out in a Video tutorial+guide+audio tutorial.LEARN MORE

If you are a Tarot learner and how questions related to Tarot. Please post-in your queries to me at priti@souls-purpose.net and I will make sure I answer my queries in future articles on this site. Your questions can help many other tarot learners. :) 

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