Let's dive deep inside your soul

And bring out the Answers through Tarot! 

To help you get Best guidance for Life!

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Directionless? Need more guidance regarding something in life?
Feel creepy to decide something big on your own?
Do some questions keep haunting your mind again and again?
Tarot Readings, and Numerology together can help you to get answers for difficult questions in life. Guide you to a better future. And design your life in a way that you feel you are safe and on a better way.
Obviously there's no magic in Tarot, Magic lies within YOU. Tarot will help you to uncover that magic, so that you can use it for your best.
Readings will be Available only from Tuesday to Friday. 
Tarot Reading just one Question Rs. 999/- 
(30mins or 4-5 questions) Package Rs. 2999/-

(60mins or 8-10 questions)  Package Rs. 4999/-

(90mins Package or 14-15 questions) Rs. 7999/-

Tarot Reading by Skype/ Phone/ email
**"Add to Cart" button if are out of India, pay securely by Paypal.**
All Payments are non-refundable. Check Terms & Conditions
Please read the Terms & Conditions, Accuracy policy, Refund policy and Guarantee before proceeding to buy. I want you to get 100% satisfaction from reading you get from me. And so you need to be clear about all this. As I want to give you my bestest services where you will be totally satisfied by the reading you'll get.

- Prituzz 

Note - As soon as you book the reading, you will be provided with my phone number/ skype id. And time that you prefer. You need to use 30mins or either ask 4 to 5 questions for the 1st package. If you want a recording of the reading, you need to pre-inform me. 
Once you make a payment, please mail to us your payment receipt. And as soon as your payment is confirmed. You will get a time and date slot according to your preference.
Readings will be arranged 24hrs post Payment. Urgent on-the-spot readings will be charged more. Readings
As soon as you make the payment along with your payment receipt, do send me your questions on soulspurpose.net@gmail.com 
If  your time goes unused or you have asked lesser questions, then that cannot be carry forwarded. You need to use all on the spot. 
Terms & Conditions -
I will keep all your info confidential.
I cannot help you with diseases, black magic, or legal issues. Please don't discuss about it or mention it during our session.
Payment is non-refundable. If you feel your reading wasn't accurate, then you would get a reading again on the same question for free. Whether you are eligible for this offer or not will be completely my decision.
You will get reading after 4-5 Days after you placed the order for reading, and sent me your birth details & questions.
You should be 18 years and above of age to get readings from me.
If you purchase a reading and want to postpone your session then you can do it within 30 days of purchase.
You need to use your full package in one session or mail. You cannot ask few questions and keep other few questions pending to ask in future.
Once the reading is given, then additional questions will be chargeable. 
You need to decide for yourself, we will not help you take any decisions of your life.

Accuracy Policy -

Readings can be accurate when you follow certain directions that are given. Its in in your hands. Also accuracy will vary or lessen if the question is asked/ involves a third person who is not present at the reading. Or who isn't aware about the reading. 
If you fail to follow the directions, then the accuracy may vary. In which case I will not be able to give you a free reading in exchange of that or a Refund.
Tarot Readings work and can help you transform your life, it's necessary that you follow the guidance with common sense.
Asking the question repeatedly will not change the outcome, I have to be honest with what the cards say. So please accept the answer Tarot is giving you. If you ask one question repeatedly, chances are you will end up with the same answer in a twisted way.
Readings for 3rd person, and when many people are involved in a situation can be inaccurate and non-predictable. So take note of that. Also no spying questions or intrusive questions about somebody who's not present during the reading. 
Future Predictions can be done only for 20% of life. Rest is in your hands, and how you act out of freewill will decide what you have in future.

Disclaimer -

Tarot can help you give directions for your life, yet future is totally in your hands. You can always shape a better path if you are not happy with the directions tarot gives you.
What Tarot says is not end of life. Its a tool to help you. So you can always ask more positive questions, inorder to get directions that will take you on a happier path.
Life has its own ups and downs. And it won't stay in a same phase for long. Tarot can help you get better paths. Tarot cannot help you by magically bringing you out of trouble such that you won't have trouble for lifetime.
Tarot is just a tool, whatever tarot has said you still have the freewill to follow or not to follow the directions that are given to you.
Under moral conduct if some person falls below their standards then I have all the right to end their consultation either from the beginning or in-between. In such case there will be issued a refund after cutting 25% of the total amount paid if the appointment did not take place. Or if the appointment took place then 50% of money will be refunded. In future that person will not be given a reading, and any payment received from their end will be taken as a donation.
Tarot Reading cannot change a bad outcome to good, neither Tarot readers or any other future seers have the power to change some one's destiny to make it better or as per personal preference. Please ask questions accordingly!
- No Health Readings, I don't give healings no matter how critical somebody is. No discussions about any Serious Health Issues. I cannot help removing negative energy.

Guarantee -

I guarantee my reading about 95% rest lies in your hands. Also reading depends on how your mindset in at the time of reading. If you change the way you think you will attract different outcomes. Ofcourse reading is based on sub-conscious mind patterns. Which are almost deeply rooted inside your phyche, and can be moved with effort. I am no magician and expect you to take readings with common sense.
I cannot help you to solve problems that are rooting from black magic. So if you know something like that was done on you, then please resolve it first.
I cannot guarantee readings regarding situations where many people are involved. Like Legal Issues, Property Issues. As minds of many are working on the outcome. 

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