Tuesday, 30 April 2019

10 Motivational Book Recommendations for you | Power-Charge your Life in Hindi

How many times you have decided a goal or dream that you longed to fulfil, how many times how you procrastinated from taking action in that direction? How many times have you felt disheartened just because you were not able to take the right action in the right time? 

Motivation is your daily dose to push you to the next level, these are 10 books that will power-charge you for taking action to improve your life. Motivation is needed for you to get going, as you cannot keep complaining all your life that you were not given enough opportunities. So go ahead and watch this video, and note down all these motivational books' names.

Hindi - https://youtu.be/cGuVbttuKnk 

English - https://youtu.be/BcPuUfVtle4

Good Morning, have a Motivational day & life ahead!

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