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How to become a professional Tarot Reader

How to become a professional Tarot Reader -
This is like something that I have been asked a zillion times. Well I know this 1st sentence you might have read a dozen of times on every article I write :P But its the truth and people do ask me a lot. And so I decided to write about it here, so that it can help many others who are searching for this info. 
I teach Tarot and so its common for people to ask this, so if you too have learnt Tarot then you too might actually wonder when you are actually prepared and believe that its the right time to declare that you are a “Professional Tarot Reader”.
So when do you know whether you are ready to start reading for serving mankind? Well there are lot of things that goes into this. I advice you that you consider all of this. There is a different duration for everyone when they feel they are ready for it. So don't just go by words of some other people who say that its 3 months or 6months. I actually started reading Tarot Professionally after 3years!

But let’s take a few things that you should consider. 

I wrote something like this earlier too, also some articles that can also help with taking decisions related to go professionalism by other Tarot readers are also listed here. So have a look at them, links to earlier posts on this kinda topic.
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=Getting Ready =

Tarot Reading Profession

So when you learn Tarot Reading, the course is usually of 2 full days, or for a few hours every week, or either that course might be online and at your own pace typo course. But you don’t get ready to start reading for people immediately after completion of that course, right? Why? Ofcourse because you are supposed to practice and let that knowledge sink-in your mind while you practice. And make that knowledge solid and concrete only then you can call it your experience.

How to know when you are ready?
To know when you are ready, actually nobody else can tell you except yourself. Yes to all those who learn from me, I do warn them not to go professional right away after two days. But once you start practicing reading for people around you. Its you who’ll know when you have to turn it into a profession. Ofcourse watch out for over-confidence here, you have to feel from the heart that you are ready.
Well I am not including points like you should know all 78 meanings, spreads and how to read etc etc. Because that's obvious. 

Check if these points apply, then you are ready to become a Professional Tarot Reader - 
1) Your readings are getting a steady feedback, that they’re accurate.
2) You are getting more and more people for advice daily, and are almost feeling like a full-time professional. And reading Tarot has become a steady thing in your schedule.
3) You are being trusted upon for tarot advice even by strangers. This is huge, and a sure sign that you are ready for it.
These are basic points that will show up, once you are ready. And then its upto you whether you want to go professional or how much you want to go professional. I have given points if you  want to be a professional who wants  to help people with tarot while charging money. 
If you are here just to earn money while doing tarot, I am not the one for you. No sleazy marketing or capturing faith of people for selling your readings. You can go to someone else for advice on this! I cannot afford to even charge you money and give you advice for moving ahead with that.

Getting ready for your profession - 

To get ready for getting professional, you have to follow these steps. Giving your profession a name or just using the word Tarot for helping people to know you are up for readings can be helpful. Giving the name Tarot will help spread the word quickly, as Tarot is popular. But if you decide to give your own name then you will need to blow the horn of your name to let world know that you are a professional and are doing something like tarot. And even easier thing is to attach the word Tarot to your name and do it. But either way you will have to blow the horn for sometime, until you become quite popular.
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= Money =

Charging money is imp

Know that you are not working for money - Yes make this very clear in your mind. Sometimes people who come to me learn Tarot, learn it just for the sake that they know tarot readers charge a lot of $$ for an hour. And that makes them feel learning tarot and doing it professionally will make them earn easy $$. If you want to get professional Tarot Reader due to that intention, then stop right here! You are not going to go any further with that intention. 

Why charging money is important?
If you want to do Tarot for helping people get out of trouble and earn money at the same time. Then you are at the right place, keep reading. Charging money is important as there has to be exchange of something when you are giving something. Otherwise it creates karma for you. I have written in detail about, why spiritual services should not be given for free.. here, check as you will need to answer people. As generally people have this impression in their mind, that spiritual and divine connection is a gift of God. If you are using these spiritual powers for serving people/ helping people. You shouldn't charge money for it, its a sin etc. 

= How you want to operate your profession=

There are two ways you can start doing Tarot professionally offline and online. Initially offline will be better for you, I feel as online requires a little bit of technical computer knowledge. If you would like to learn how to get your profession online then I have shared details about it in the end of this article. Make sure you go through it, as online business can be very profitable while you comfortable work from your own home. Initial costs are minimum, you can begin with just $100 bucks. 

Offline - 

Offline will be easiest for you as there is already going to be a buzz around you, once you have learnt Tarot. Plus once you learned you did not become right away a professional. So you practiced, on whom? Well all your lovely family members, friends, neighbours, relatives and their friends and relatives and neighbours etc. The list continues I know(lol). So by the time you feel you are ready for readings there are going to be a lot of people who already know that you do it. So if you decide to go professional, there are people in your near and dear ones who are ready to sing your praises to others to help you bring clients. I remember I had started getting unknown people too through the friends/ neighbours and relatives I did readings for.
That’s step 1, ofcourse you will need other modes of bringing people too. But this initial buzz is really helpful as your loved one’s always praise with true affection. It appears as a genuine feeling rather then just plain appreciation that feels like as if someone is going to earn a commission for convincing people.

Your terms & conditions - Set up your terms and conditions, its important. In beginning you might feel tempted to accept just anyone. But setting up rules will let people know that "what to do, and what not to do?" when they're with you in a consultation. Check the blue links, as I have included disclaimer as well as guarantee policy there. I hadn't put any terms earlier, but later on I did feel that I should've done that when I started.

Your code of ethics - Code of ethics is important, it helps to build that reputation as well as faith in you. Check out my code of ethics I have written on my site code of ethics

Office set-up - 

Your own Tarot Office

If you want you can get a separate office or set up a space inside your house to do readings. Any case you choose, be sure that there is no disturbance around. There will still be noises that might come from time to time. But disturbance from people in the family or other neighbours shouldn’t be there while you are with your clients. Clients come with problems that might be very personal, and so they will feel comfortable when there's no one around. And mind it, not even your assistant should be around. Later on once you are established, you might need an assistant. But make sure you keep them at bay while the reading happens.

Store -
Tarot Store
If you choose a store be aware that you will need licenses to rent or own that place for commercial use. Also depending on the place you are from, your credentials related to that profession might also be asked. Every nation has its own laws for every profession and commercial licenses. Check with your local lawyer for that. Its important and setting that up from the start will save you from a lot of trouble.

Get your business cards/ brochures about what you do - 
Prosessional Cards

Yes this is important because people will ask your details, and just because you are a stranger the details that you share "verbally" will slip off their mind quickly. So they need some physical memory of your profession, a "business card". So a business card or brochure will suffice to make them remind about you. There are different qualities and pricing available for them too. Choose one wisely. Go with the design once you are 1000% ready and sure that its final and you want to give it out for public viewing. I once got a design printed, to realise soon that I loved some other design. Well that's going to happen even if you have the world's bestest designer designing your card. As grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. :)

Then decide how big you want to go- Yes this also is upto you, if you are just fine with a few clients daily maybe because you want to do it part-time for a few hours only. Then you can select mouth-to-mouth publicity. And a little advertising.
Else if you want to really get into this profession and give more time for this. Then you can also advertise and spread your word on a larger basis.

Keep learning -
So you are now doing professionally and also spreading the word about your profession. Is that all? NO. For a Tarot reader the learning never ends. Also for any profession this is true. If you want to really keep getting better. Keep learning and knowing more in deep of Tarot. Read books, blogs, articles on Tarot. Some good sites for you to connect are given on this article, Top 5 Best Tarot Resources. Go and check it out.

So that’s all from me for now. I know there might be a million other questions that you might want to ask. As this topic is vast and I have covered only the tip of an ice-berg here. For your additional questions drop them in comment-box below. If you have any suggestions about topics you’d like to read here on this site in future, then please mention in comment box. Or write to me at priti@souls-purpose.net 
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P.S - You can choose any masterclass, avoid the numbering that is given. I have numbered them to make you aware that there are earlier masterclasses too. So you may have a look at past articles on this blog. You can get 3rd and avoid 2nd and 1st if you feel they aren’t useful to you. 

I have a more in-depth tutorial about this article, which will help you if you are really serious about earning an income while helping people with Tarot. I have shared it in Advanced Tarot Masterclass#4 which also teaches about how to set-up your profession online and excel in it. I have been doing online since past 6years and I have been asked a number of times about this too. So I decided to put it into a short and simple tutorial that anyone can follow.
I have gone through a lots of ups and downs, just because I tried to figure out everything on my own. But you can cut all the crap aside, and charge right ahead with all the learning I have to share that I learned along my journey. Ofcourse you will be able to do online stuff when you have basic knowledge about computer and internet. Or you should have someone to set up your online stuff for you which would also help.

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