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For Readings See these website pages, before contacting. After referring to all details, if you have any more questions; something that is not discussed on the website. Then you can email us. If your email asks about anything that is already discussed on the site, then your mails will go unanswered -
आपको ईमेल करने से पहले वेबसाइटपे जाके सारी डिटेल्स पढ़नी चाहिए, और फिर अगर कोई सवाल है तो ईमेल कीजिये| साइटपे जो बताया गया है, वो वापस ईमेलमें नहीं बताया जायेगा|

Tarot Readings

Angel Readings 
For details about courses, please check the details of each course as per given below. After referring if you have any further questions. Then please email us. If your question is something that is mentioned about on the website, then your mail wont be answered. 

Tarot Mastery Course

Chakras and Life course

Angel Connection Course

Angel Therapy Course

Hypnosis Session

Past Life Regression

all courses -

You need to check all details on website regarding readings and courses, once you have fully read all details and then if you have any further questions. Then you can write to us at the below given email address.

फ़ोनपे कॉल्स ज्यादा मात्रामें आनेकी वजह से फ़ोन नंबर नहीं दिया गया है, आप ईमेल द्वारा कांटेक्ट कर सकते है| आपको अगर कोर्स या रीडिंगके विषयमें माहिती चाहिए तो आपको इन लिंक्सपे पहले देखना चाहिए| जो वेबसाइटपे बताया गया है उसका जवाब ईमेलके द्वारा नहीं मिलेगा|
ईमेलके द्वारा मुफ्त रीडिंग्स नहीं मिल सकते है| रीडिंग्स के लिए आपको पहले बुकिंग करवाना पड़ेगा| 
अगर कोई और प्रॉब्लम है तो आप यहाँ ईमेल कर सकते है|
आपके मेल अगर ज़रूरी लगे तो ही उनका रिप्लाई दिया जायेगा

Payment is available by Credit/ Debit cards, Net-banking or Paypal(non-Indians can use this) Any other payment method is not available. 

I usually get a lot of mails everyday, but I try to answer every important mail in a duration of 48hours. So have patience, if you feel your mail went unnoticed, please don't hesitate to mail again. As mails sometimes get lost in junk folder.  If your mail is a formal mail, or a feedback or suggestion type of mail then response will be given only if required. 

Thank you soo much for visiting my site, please come back again. It makes my day! :)

- Priti

If you'd like to meet me at my office, then you need to book an appointment for that. Go ahead and book an appointment as per your preference of time.

Use "Pay Now" button if you are in India, you will be able to pay by Net-Banking, Debit or Credit cards.

30 mins, Rs. 1999/- or $49 USD
60 mins, Rs. 2999/- or $79 USD
90 mins, Rs. 4999/- or $99 USD

If you are non-Indian then use "add to cart" button to checkout by Paypal. You will be able to securely able to pay through your Paypal account or by Credit/ Debit cards.

Book Appointment in General by Phone/ Skype/ in-person
Once you book the appointment you will be given phone number or skype id or office address which ever option you prefer. If you make a payment do email us your payment receipt, so that we can check and confirm your payment.