Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Time Management

Is it difficult for you to find extra time during the day? Time management is an art and also a sccience. The number of hours that any successful & rich person can have in a day; is the same number of hours that you too get in a day. Which is 24hrs. Then why is it that they have reached heights of success and you are struggling and unhappy with life?
Learn how to manage your time from this week's Practical People segment

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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

How to Earn a lot of Money by Active & Passive Income sources?

Are you struggling to make ends meet by your job/business and feel you should have a little extra money to keep your life comfortable? Then you need to have multiple sources of Income. Check out this video, to learn how and what are the different sources you can have to build your Finances stronger. What you currently work and bring money from is an Active income source, you also need to build passive income sources.

Is your source of income bringing you enough money? If not then you need to build up extra sources of income...

In Hindi -

If you want to check out the video In English - 
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Have an Abundant day & life ahead!

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Sunday, 21 April 2019

How to keep your energies always High & Positive?

Everybody knows thinking positive is good, but how many of you are doing it? You need to know this... This week's Spiritual Sunday's session includes pointers where your energies can faulter, why your energies can faulter. And what's needed to keep your mind positive.

Yes diet plays a huge role in maintaining a healthy mind & body, if you havent checked Diet related session. Then do check it out here... 👉🏻 BALANCED DIET

But don't forget to check this, as only diet will not help to maintain a positive mindset. It would be like leaving a fertile land for parasites to tread on! Which you don't want.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Good Karma, a Duty of everyone!

What if every business, company, realised today that their job isn't just to manufacture more and more just so that they can have more sales...
Inorder to have more sales, most of the companies create below average products so that they can wear out soon... giving rise to its demand once more...

Just realise that when you create products over and over again, there is also more waste created that isn't and cannot be recycled. Making our planet a bigger dumpyard year after year...

What if entrepreneurs realised their job is not just to get more profits, but also to create a product in a way that just lasts... like the good old times. When things created were so reliable that we could stay at peace with it, not worrying to have more money... just in case some innovation runs out.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Reader's R Leader's | in Hindi

Reader's are Leaders, this is what has been proven true since time immemorial and has been continuously falling true for everyone even in the present.
Reading has a lot of benefits, check out this session on Reading, it will definitely boost your confidence on beginning to read more.

Also this explains why reading is a very good HOBBY to be given to kids. So listen to the entire audio segment on #KhabriApp on #Prituzz Channel and start motivating your kids from today itself.

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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

How to be Lucky like Rich People?

Rich People are many but the super rich are few, making us drool over their riches and networth. And making us wonder how on earth do they achieve so much, why are they soo lucky. Check out this video, I believe there are certain things, LUCK likes to favour, give your thoughts on it.. Make sure you share it with others, and stay subscribed. 

These people definitely have the key to the good luck treasures.
In Hindi - 
If you want to check out this video in English, then go here 👇🏻
In English -

Good morning, have a Rich day ahead

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Sunday, 14 April 2019

Meditation HEALS Everything! Check this...

Meditation is considered a super-drug for all ills of life. Its also considered the answer to all pressing questions of life. If you haven't known what meditation is, then check out the free meditation download. To help you begin right now. Meditation is India's gift to the world, so why do you have to be unaware of it?

Meditation that is shared here in free form, is a simple meditation. But there are several advanced one's too. Which you can find here...

For now check out this session on #KhabriApp here

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Disclaimer - Meditation has several benefits, if it is done correctly. Though the author of this blog doesn't stand responsible for any ill-effects that might be caused by meditation that might be done in a wrong manner.