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How to read Tarot for yourself Effectively?

Reading tarot for yourself? bam... #$%&@* your greatest skills will baffle you when you try to do it for a very pressing issue of your life, where you want a quick answer to come asap. And you'll be like why the hell can't your cards be LOYAL to you when you need em the most…!! Even the bestest of Tarot Reader fail to read for themselves, because Tarot is something that talks to you through your intuition and your intuition goes haywire when you are tensed and stressed.
Reading Tarot for Yourself

Well I too have fallen into this trap of doing Tarot for my own questions(ohh yess... most troubling questions) and hell yeah cards try to play fool with you when you need their guidance the most. With lots of months/ years into this I think I have figured out technique that will help to get best results with your readings. Well for you to master you might need to give the technique some finishing touches to make it work 100% effectively for you. Everybody is different and so things work different for all of us. What I have tried will work for most, but there might be some exceptional cases. 

I know this technique is time consuming, but this works. You might get irritated or frustrated to do such a lengthy process while you are anxious enough to get answers as soon as possible for your problems. But nothing in this universe works out of haste. You know haste makes waste. 

Slow and steady wins the race! 

So now let’s get started, first of all let me tell you that this is not a piece of cake. It will take you some effort and some brain-storming to get the perfect reading. But once you follow the protocol it will keep getting easier next time when you work out for yourself.  

First of all Get de-stressed, you need to be calmed down to get best and most accurate reading - 

  • To de-stress yourself you can follow some deep breathing, once you are ready jump on your couch with your cards. Meditating before doing a reading is also a good idea.
  • If that doesn’t help try to take a nap, have a stroll out in nature and then get back with your cards.
  • If you are too stressed out, and stay that way for a couple of days. Then I would advice you not to touch your cards till your mind “cools down”.

1. Now once you are ready and cool in your mind, we’ll get set with the cards.
First of all few things to keep in mind. Before you do any readings you need to jot down your exact question/s. If you have one question then write it, if you have several following questions for that one question then write them too. If you have several different questions then write them all. 

2. Now once all questions are there with you. Then go back to your notes and tick all the ones that seem most challenging. And then try to write answers next to them. Positive answers that can come out as an outcome. And negative outcomes that may come out as the outcome/ result of that situation. 

3. Also jot down all the fears surrounding that situation. Any other negative emotions or thoughts if there, write them too.

Now study this Spread and then try to do it for yourself. Before you start reading, also ask the angels and guides to help you in that situation. 
Prayer is the best thing that will drain away all stressful energy, and use it to bring out best outcomes during your readings. Once you pray, trust that you are going to be guided during the  reading. 

Spread Positions for Tarot Reading for Self, effectively :

This spread would be long for you if issue at hand is just a minor one, you can try three card spread only if thats the case. You dont need this big spread when you have smaller issues. This is a typical spread for deeply troubling issues that are not straight as they appear. 

Part 1: Illusion Breaker The first part contains cards that actually show you cards that will describe the problem to you. In life many time we think too much or stress over too much over some issue. And that is where we just create a mental chaos. But this step will help you to figure out what the problem is according to you, and what it is actually. Which will make it mirror clean for you to see the difference about what you are seeing and whats actually happening. Part 1 is The illusion breaker part of your problem. Big problems bring big illusions as you don’t know what it is and how to handle them. 
Once you do that you get a bit of clarity of the problem. 

Part 2: Guidance When you are done with that, you then have your fears and setbacks. Ofcourse Humans are not made in a faulty way to give rise to unwanted fears at the time when courage is desperately needed. Human emotions are a guide to upcoming danger or uneasy circumstances. Ofcourse when too much is going on your emotions also get random and bombard a cocktail of em in the situation. But they are not at fault. Chill! Your emotions some of them are true, some are just a warning sign because you might be getting signalled that you are delving into some unknown area. Your mind and body is very comfortable and easy when everything happens within the comfort zone. When you step out of it, your mind and body will send you tons of signals of warning signs and danger signs, they are not always true. But its your body’s safety mode on, working for you. 
This part will help you to figure out how valid are your fears, which of them are useless. And which of them really matter and should be considered. Most of the time the fears which you consider will be about something that you don’t have knowledge and need to stay alert. As you might affect negatively if you dont polish the edges.

Part 3 is the outcome part : Again this spread is too long I know. But the major areas covered here are much smaller in size as to what mess it creates inside your mind. Well, this is better yah.. then!
Fears and insecurities inside mind also plays a huge role by dramatizing the outcome of a particular situation. and the outcomes of a problem are the one’s that are most stressful. Humans have a tendency to overly-dramatize their problem outcome and then feel stressed and depressed over what might happen. But read it again, it might happen. But that’s only one possibility. This part of the spread will dissolve all drama and will bring out the truth of the situaiton. 

This entire spread is designed to master any situation and help you calm and ease out, knowing what might happen. Also let me warn you because I have used easy and positive language doesn’t mean that you have to stay easy during that situation. some problems will show off danger signs, if you are getting some. Then you better stay super alert. If necessary try asking help from somebody who will be able to provide support during that situation. Sometimes fearing whether help will be offered or not is in itself a biggest fear during such situations. 

Thats all from me for this week, will see you next week. I know this post took late to post. That because I was in total festive mood all week. And its today itself I am writing it. I have read for myself a number of times, and reading for self does seem daunting at times. So try to make the most of this spread. I feel this will help most of the time. Do you have your own method of reading perfectly for oneself? I would love to know, how you do that. Please share in comments below. Like/ Comment/ Subscribe to my blog to stay tuned to regular Tarot updates. Learning Tarot is fun and inightful because you’re born for a Reason! which is to help people improve their lives through your readings. :) 


If after doing the entire reading, you're still not clear with the message the cards are giving out. Try Meditating over the cards, here's a good Tarot Meditation that I have put up. That will help you to understand the cards intuitively. 

Longer method - 

Try asking your angels to guide you during your sleep, in your dreams. And then jot down the dreams or signs that you receive. Once you wake-up do a reading, and then compare it to the messages you received during your dream.
sleep dreaming

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