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Is the future set on stone? or you have freedom of choice?

Is the future set on stone? or you have freedom of choice?

Tarot and many other future telling methods somewhere create this illusion in minds of people that future is set and fixed and you just need to go to some fortune teller. Spend some money and then you’ll know what is your future. If it was that easy then all rich people would have known their future and never have fallen prey to falling economy or share market breakdowns.  

Well then is future not set? its not fixed, right? this question too is dwindled away if you believe that  destiny isn’t fixed. Well my job is not to make you believe that ‘future tellers’ are right and they should be depended upon. Neither my job is to make you ‘non-believer’, if you believe in it too much. I have been doing Tarot since more then 11+ years now and while doing readings for people I have learnt this…. people have this itch to know what’s in future for them. Plus the skeptics have a greater itch to know HOW a normal human like them can predict the future :D  
Its funny, I get some interesting peeps to argue about my profession. I have written this post for all the Tarot aspirants, so that you guys can know how to deal with this subject as you’re going to face this a lot. And believe me when I say A LOT. 

What is fortune telling all about? 
Future telling or fortune telling is all about peeping into the future and learning what’s coming up. 
Whatever is shown to you in future prediction is from the current activities you are doing. A part of Destiny in everybody’s life is fixed and pre-destined. The Soul’s Purpose is already chosen since birth. But each and every step and each and every breath isn’t fixed. 
That Soul’s Path is selected yet its our freewill whether we decide to walk upon it now or 10years later. So your future seer will predict different for you if you are walking on your soul’s path now. And the same future teller will vary in his predictions if you have decided to walk on your souls path 10 years later. 

That was about your Soul’s Purpose. Now if you have selected your Soul’s Path then too depending upon your current activities your future will differ. For example if you have brought with you 4 different Soul’s Purposes to complete, then its your choice which one you wanna work upon first and others later on. And Soul’s Purpose is always decided by a soul after their birth, as before birth programming is already forgotten. So what a soul plans and outlines from his pre-birth memory while being on this earthly plane will matter and will shape their future. 

Freewill a gift to Humans - Freewill is the gift to us humans. We can think, feel and decide whatever we want to do, based on how life is behaving with us. Well that’s the literal definition for this. But you know you cannot just decide and react based on what’s happening with you, else you are just going to be a puppet of outer circumstances. And this type of giving reaction might also make you do sins, as you are not always going to get good from the outer world. 

Maya the illusion of perception - Well this word Maya, now usually is found in almost every article I write lately since past 2-3years. Its because I have begun to realize it plays a huge role in our life. And sometimes it is fun to watch it make us dance. Whether you see good in the world or you see bad in the world. Its your way of seeing the world that’s going to affect your decisions, thoughts and actions. You will act based on your perception of what happened to you. And how you perceive this world and what it does to you, is in the hands of Maya. Miss Maya can make you think extremely positively and just let you get motivated and keep going ahead in life. Whereas the same maya can pull you down and not let you rise above your limits. This maya is layer where the Law of attraction works. But Maya is considered as Goddess according to Vedas. She is difficult to win over, but if you win she’ll love to show you her glory and divine dance. Maya is the layer where the mind works and physical/ material world comes into existence.

You might have heard some people who talk just rubbish or insane but whatever they say and believe somehow falls true and leaves you baffled?! Well some people can just see a lot more clearly past the veil of Maya. But we usually consider them crazy people. Well that too is the magic of Maya to make you NOT believe the ones who can see beyond maya. 

What does “freewill” mean, is it really to be used as Freewill? - 
Well the above description of Freewill will make you think that life’s is what we make it. Yes its all what we make it But you cannot choose to make it good/bad based on your freewill. This is destined there are only a few soul’s who can make life bad or become destructive. Not everyone can do that. And if you decide something that you aren’t ought to do then you will reap its effects. 
Freewill means whatever tasks you have brought to complete on this planet you can complete at your own pace, in your own style. But out of freewill you CANNOT choose to not do them, and walk around at leisure on this planet.

How do Fortune tellers & prophecizers come into picture then - 
Freewill matters and does exist. But still human behavior is usually fixed. And seldom does an adult change his behaviour. Human mind develops and is flexible during childhood. That’s when a child is learning and growing and programming their subconscious mind. Nothing is much fixed then and so children are very open and adjustive to every situation they are put in(this is why some future seers will tell you not to predict something for kids as their mind will solidify once they grow). Upto the age of 14-18years usual programming is done. After 20years a personality is fully developed. And a human behaves according to what experiences are stored in their subconscious mind.  

Once anything goes into subconscious mind, its difficult to get it out. And so that will become the mind set. And future can be predicted based upon that. Though there are methods to re-program subconscious mind still hardly 10% out of the total population in this world are able to change their mind-set once it is set. One big reason is also that 9% out of those 10% never will come to know that their minds can be changed.
Extremely dedicated minds and tough determination to do something, no matter what. Is also a kind of mind set people have and they are the ones who can break their belief patterns. These people also can be predicted. 

Not just the subconscious mind of people wanting to read future, matter. But the one’s who are reading fortune also have a subconscious mind. And subconscious mind is connected to the Spiritual infinite world which has all answers to problems of the finite world. And so the intuition that these future teller’s use gets connected to the infinite world through their sub-conscious mind. And helps them to see clearly what’s going to come up in future. So fortune teller's who really have a clear intuition and can tap into it to see the future, can be depended upon.

How to handle people depending on fortune tellers -  

Phew! this is tough. I have seen some people going extreme. I know when predictions go true in extremely dire circumstances; tremendous faith is born in the fortune teller as well as their method of predictions. I too have got such results where people who were terribly under crisis and were immediately saved by my Tarot readings. And that just made me a saviour in their eyes. Well to help people feels great but to become a saviour is a bit uneasy to accept. I mean a Tarot Reader is a normal human being like their clients. Its just their knowledge and intuition that helps them to dig  out life-saving answers. Then why to consider them someone great. God is the one who makes and guides our intuition, if you feel overwhelmed by the fortune teller’s predictions accuracy be thankful to the divine for helping them with their intuition. And not the fortune teller himself/herself.

Try to deal with these people tactfully, you can take in the appreciation. But let the Divine only get the glory of the miracle your intuition has brought into their life. 

Bingo! these are the one’s you might find difficulty dealing with. Its not because that they don’t believe in your fortune seeing science. They are so determined that “future-seeing” does not exist that they might bring down you on your profession. Just to make you agree that what you are doing is totally bull-shit. And that you should shut your store and start living a more free life without depending on future seeing or without fooling people. :D :P 

lol. There are people like that as well. And I must say there’s nothing wrong in them. There are various kinds of people in this world. And amongst them there is a tribe that has been given everything very easily. Whetever they chase gets in their hands after a little struggle. And these people are the ones who will never believe in your profession. Because they will say you will get whatever you want. Thats true. But at the same time there are also these other type of people in this world that just keep chasing something, fall… get up… again fall… do that 10 times and then end up into a fortune teller’s office. 

What’s the difference between the two, well that comes out as a detailed explanation through the Tarot or some other means when a person in need asks. There are also these non-believers that have become non-believers because of believing too much into fortune seeing, and then finally nothing happened according to what was predicted. They finally conclude that nothing like that works or exists. And so they too become non-believers.  

Its okay if people don't believe but its difficult to deal with people who don’t believe in your profession and who are determined to scare the hell out of you. They try to uproot the knowledge roots of your fortune telling method, by picking your brain too much with blunt questions. Result a frustrated you, wanting to run out of your office in search for some help. 

Well I too have had my share of client’s/people coming to me wanting to ask weird and straight upfront questions that baffle me and question the validity of existence of my profession. I had few people question me or tell me; “look Priti I don’t believe in Tarot. But I still want you to bring your cards so that I can SEE whether its really true or not.”. Well see decipher the words, the person says they dont believe in what I do. But still wants to see whether it is true or not. So if they are just non-believers and still you try to make them believe they will incessantly pick your brain upto a point that you’ll give up. I usually tell them that “My profession is to help people deal problems with Tarot Predictions. If you don’t believe in my profession its okay. I am fine with it. My profession is not to make people believe in Tarot.” That’s it. and the topic closes on a positive happy note :) If people have determined that they are not going to believe in any future telling methods then there’s no use showing-off your skills in front of them. They are not going to get impressed anyways. All what happens is, you will feel drained off because you just could not prove your point in front of them. 

So that’s it from me for this week, you too might have got some interesting sharing on this topic. I would love to know that. Drop in comments below your experiences on how you deal with non-believers or devoted believers, and how you deal with it. I will be back again next week with more fun and juicy Tarot stuff. Bye till then. 

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