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78 Soul Phases with Tarot

78 Soul Phases every Human goes through

Tarot is not just a pack of cards, it shows the journey of Soul Phases that every human goes through their life on this planet. If you are an ardent Tarot lover I am sure you know this. Maybe not the exact definition but roughly the fact that Tarot isn’t just fluff. 

Tarot Cards were found around the 1450 century, exact origin isn’t yet known. This fact itself makes Tarot a lot more mystical and interesting.  

There are 78 cards in Tarot Pack as you might know. If you don’t know its okay, you already know it now :) . These 78 cards correspond with a phase in the life of human soul. And this phase somewhere or the other contributes to the growth and evolution of that soul. 

The Major Arcana Cards show major changes and turns in a Soul Phase. Let’s quickly see what each card means in the journey of the Fool. If you want to know in detail about the Journey of Soul with Tarot, go here to get my book.

1. Magician - Shows the newborn human a Soul Phase of containing magic within himself. And the urge to play with that magic to bring about Magic into the world
2. High Priestess - Shows the newborn a Soul Phase of having the Intuition as its ultimate reliable guide during their life on earth.
3. The Empress - Well new borns need a mommy right? mommies are always accompanied with the infinite abundantia energy. And so all that a mommy knows the newborn will need. Will be available to her.
4. The Emperor - Phew, a baby gets spoilt with too much pampering from mom right? It needs the discipline and order from the father as well. Not to mention the loving nurture a father provides along with that.
5. The Hierophant - Momy and Dady cannot be everything, and so the baby has a Soul Phase of having a Teacher in its life. Who will teach him/her the lessons of life and how to live it. Includes normal world schooling plus real time lessons that a soul learns.
6. Lovers - Aha, so now the human has grown! Ehh… Its adolescent now, and knows that he/she needs to get someone that completes them. An important Soul Phase.
7. Chariot - Viola, the partners are all set with their new life together, now the journey of facing the world begins riding on their own Chariot.
8. Strength - Woah! facing this big bad world now seems difficult. Soul now learns that what daddy and mommy said was true, you will know when you grow up. But now that Soul is grown up he needs to face it with extraordinary Strength.
9. Hermit - So in all the chaos that now the soul is going through, he needs calm and introspective moments too. Where he can go within himself and learn to listen to his own voice. When the outside voices try to get over him. Meditate ohh Soul!
10. Wheel of Fortune - Bump and here he goes, something turns up his life all of a sudden and he is either at the top of success or depth of failure. But a soul surely needs to see both these phases in life to GROW.
11. Justice - Law of Karma starts showing its deep roots with life of human. Good or Bad, law of karma knows to show up at right place. Showing the existance of Justice as the universal law. Things will be just to you when you have been just to things.
12. Hanged man- Boom, why isn’t life moving forward? Sweetheart when your Spiritual growth is stuck and in its infancy. Life will also get STUCK. Solution? keep moving ahead on your spiritual path.
13. Death - Gloom takes over, the Soul Phase takes a human through the most difficult and painful phase of human life. Loosing someone that’s dear to his/her heart. Life and Death are big truths of life, soul learns this through EXPERIENCE.
14. Temperance - Hmm so do you think death of a dear one is end of life? No man, you still need to keep going. When such huge wave slams your inner balance, universe shows a warning signal “Heya maintain your balance, you are still alive”
15. Devil - So now life seems like an unavoidable and unbreakable bond right? That makes you miserable and unescapable when you want to just run away from a particular situation?That’s the messy slush of the Devil. Devil makes it appear that way. @#$%& Where is he? INSIDE YOU!
16. Tower - And down goes the tower of trust and beliefs that you had built in your life, based on your experience and teachings of your elders and schooling during childhood. Real Truth is sharp, bare and severely bitter. Your options? None other then to accept it, maybe with time it will get easy.
17. Star - Learn to heal and let go with this star. Tower was harsh, so there’s always healing sent towards you immediately after the hurt brought in by the tower. Life is tricky but it is never brutally rude. You have all good things as well to serve you.
18. The Moon - Things seem to have sorted right? Well not yet, darkness and the light of the moon in it cannot make things appear crystal clear. Things may not seem the way they appear, you know that. This phase comes in when you terribly want to make a quick decision.
19. The Sun - And the darkness is finally away bringing in the Sun. Let some sunshine in baby. Life is really good. Clarity and positivity at its peak with the emerging of the Sun energy.
20. Judgement - Good or bad this is the time you are going to get in your life, as an effect of your past life’s karma. And remember that, its UNAVOIDABLE. Well it applies equally to everyone. And things will either be in your favour or against you. But somewhere in life you’re surely going to see this phase.
21. World - Yipieee so finally the soul has now Graduated from the Soul Phase school and gets the fruit of all the seeds he’d sown. It depends on how much a soul strived to live and be positive during all the different phases in his life.
(for detailed meanings of each card, refer to the links on individual links)

Everything in life is about Relationships with people. As you are surrounded by people all over the world. That’s why you are on this planet. Whether its your health, wealth, relationships, career or spirituality everywhere you have to deal with People. 
To keep good health you need to have good relationships, when things go well in our life. Health stays good. Getting ill also involves bad relationships with people you love.  
Wealth whether you already have a lot or are planning to build. Relationships with people will help you to get there. Quality of your relationships with people at work and with your boss will decide your progress in your work life. 
Career is also about people. Dealing with life on this planet and working inorder to make life easy for people on this planet. Your life is all about helping and serving Humanity. And there somes the people again in picture in your life area. 
Relationships - your relationships whether with your family, at work, in neighbourhood or with your customers. Everywhere its dealing with people, people and people. 
Spirituality - And finally your area of spirituality. Whether you get into it willingly or unwillingly, its all because of People. Whether it might be for a good reason or a bad reason. 

So everyone of us is surrounded by people, whatever we are doing in our life. No matter what phase of life we are in. 

And then comes the never ending cycle of interaction of Soul with the four elements of life. Thus making endless loops of life incidences. These look easy and based on understanding of Tarot they feel tangible. But the interaction of The fool with each Soul Phase might be for a particular time. Which if followed with any card of Major Arcana would then become a Major life lesson and the duration and intensity of that situation might differ from person to person. 
And no two people will have the same experience in their life, even if they both have the same card coming up. Well same card combinations will never turn up for different people. Cards and their flow of combinations will always differ and vary from person to person. 

This spiral is also called clutch of Maya. Go here to read more about Maya/ illusion that is talked about in the Vedas. 

This is all from me for now, tell me in comments below how you liked this post. Do you have something different based on your knowledge of Tarot. Well don’t shy out to share in comments even if you are a beginner with little experience. Tarot learning can speed up when you share your thoughts and insights. You get comments from me as well as other readers of this blog. Which will boost up your learning experience. 

Share this post with your friends/ family and others who you feel are into Tarot. Or would love to read. Thank you so much for being with me, I will be back with more juicy stuff about Tarot next week. Until then keep learning, keep growing because you are born for a Reason! Your job is to find it and start working upon it. 

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