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Truth of Life

Life Phases - Life phases are chunks of life time, which might be different for every phase and different for people. Life phases consists of weeks/ months/ years and sometimes decades too. Where people choose to live and experience a certain event or moment or experience or emotion. Yes moment though is just a second or a minute for some. But for some it can be years. eg - Phase of love-life and romanticising, phase of being a foodie, phase of being in love with bikes #LifePhases Shadow Life Phases - These are phases where the person has chosen to be devoid of something, for some duration in life. These experiences are generally painful in nature. This can be extremely gloomy, but this experience brings a lot of learning to the soul. The shadow life phase isn't chosen by the conscious self, its the choice of unconscious mind. And this brings learning and upliftment for the soul. eg - depression phase of 12 to 14yrs, phase of being single for years , phase of being childless