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Truth of Life

Life Phases - Life phases are chunks of life time, which might be different for every phase and different for people. Life phases consists of weeks/ months/ years and sometimes decades too. Where people choose to live and experience a certain event or moment or experience or emotion. Yes moment though is just a second or a minute for some. But for some it can be years.
eg - Phase of love-life and romanticising, phase of being a foodie, phase of being in love with bikes

Shadow Life Phases - These are phases where the person has chosen to be devoid of something, for some duration in life. These experiences are generally painful in nature. This can be extremely gloomy, but this experience brings a lot of learning to the soul. The shadow life phase isn't chosen by the conscious self, its the choice of unconscious mind. And this brings learning and upliftment for the soul.
eg - depression phase of 12 to 14yrs, phase of being single for years , phase of being childless for years, phase of being sick or chronic of some ailment for years.
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Focus Area - This term states the focus an individual wants to place in certain of his/ her life. And individual may have been avoiding and putting away certain things in life. And trying to focus the complete attention on a Life phase. This will extract energy from all unfocused areas in life, and put that energy into the area of focus ie. life phase.
After a duration, the avoided area, feels energy deprived and starts screaming for attention. Which then comes into notice of a person. And that area will become a priority or focus area.
eg -  you have been avoiding your health for years focus on your phase where you have chosen to rise your career, where after years you discover you have been overweight and need to reduce now.

Positive Period in Life -
People choose positive period in life, as that nurtures the soul, and replenishes the emotional and mental energies.
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Negative Period in Life -
Negative period period helps people to wash off all lower phase energy and helps an individual to start preparing for evolving to higher levels in life.
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Blockages in life - 
Blockages in life are things that you want to do, or somethings that you wish that they happen in your life, it come to you. But something or the other block or hindrance keeps blocking that.
The reason is either of this: either that thing/ person isn't meant for you, and you need to choose some other way, either that thing/ person has a better option, or that thing isn't good for you.

Patterns of the human mind - 
Humans are born brought up in a way that their psychology is very much a blueprint of the surroundings they are brought up in. And so they will have set patterns that will help them do certain things easily, and make other things difficult.
eg- rich become richer, poor getting more poorer. An individual having seen parent's having constant conflicts, also has this in his subconscious that life partner conflicts are normal.
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Stuck in life - Stuck in a phase in life, is where you are stuck in a dark phase which is undesirable and you wish you didn't have that experience at all. This phase can be painful or full of suffering. And this phase will keep following you no matter how hard you try to keep away from it.
These phases generally want to remind you, that you need to be connected. Either connect to God/Divine, Angels, Guru and any pure being you believe in.
eg - a typical type of love romantic relationship where partner is being abusive, always getting into trouble in friendships, getting extra money to pay while being in money crisis.
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Solution - Prayer, the

Repeating problems - These are problems that will keep repeating themselves for a certain duration. Remember this duration is not days or weeks, its months or years and even decades. This kind of problems are here to teach you a lesson and raise you above from where you are, and so will not let go off easily from your life. These problems are here to make you into something better, so they won't leave you until they create a nice and polished you.
eg- miscarriages, children not surviving, a chronic health problem that doesn't kill you yet doesn't let you be at peace too, recurrent marriages that bring the same sort of partner who either abuses, is addicted, or is a womaniser;
Solution - These problems are not going to end unless you don't change your belief system. They form when you had one bad experience and you created an entire belief system on that experience. 
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Spirituality/ following spirituality/ being spiritual - People always keep running away from spirituality thinking its not for me, they feel it is only for those people who are mentally weak or who are interested in it. But spirituality is the core of your being. In life if you are successful in every area and yet are not into spirituality, you will feel emptiness inside. And on the contrary if you are successful in every area as well as are spiritual then you will not only be contended with life, but also will be able to digest the high amounts of success that you achieve.
eg- rich people who aren't spiritual feel empty the more they achieve, rich people who are spiritual are happy as well as prepared for more success in their life.

Expand yourself spiritually, to achieve more in life - 
Spirituality is inside you, a part of your soul. Spiritual world is what brought finite world, and can create infinite into the finite world.
When you are connected to spiritual world, you are able to expand your soul as you evolve. And the more evolved a soul is, the more the person will be able to put in his energy into different areas of life. Life Health, wealth, relationships etc.
Then the problem discussed above of energy deprived areas will not exist and mostly all areas of life will stay balanced.A soul keep expanding more and more as it evolves spiritually.

Levels of Human Being - 
Every Human being has different levels of being and you can understand each human based on these different levels. The understanding, wisdom and good qualities in a human will depend on these levels.
  • Emotional Level - How much a person is emotional, whether a person is able to generate more positive emotions unlikely of whatever he is getting from his surroundings. Or a person generates a lot of negative emotions despite of his surroundings being good or bad. 
  • Mental Level - Mental Level is what a person thinks, how a person thinks, this level can be more developed if a person has very good exposure to positive and wise minded people plus at the same time the person himself has carried positive karmas to experience in this life. 
  • Spiritual Level - How is a person spiritually, how deep is a person and what way he lives his life connecting his spiritual beliefs in his real life. This decides the spiritual level of an individual.

Human Wants and Needs -
Human wants and needs are two different things. Human wants can be limited like paying regular bills for electricity, phone bill, internet bill, food/ grocery bill etc. 
Whereas the human wants are unlimited, which comprise of unlimited amount of things/ experiences he would like to have which costs money. These can be unlimited, but at the same time not having them will not deprive the person of anything crucial in life. 

Healthy Financial Choices -
Healthy financial choices should be made especially when money is scarce or limited. If money is spent on goods wisely, then it will help you to sustain your life. And money thus remaining can be saved for future usage.
Healthy financial choices include spending money more on goods that are needed regularly on day to day basis. And healthy financial choices also include avoiding spending on goods that comprise of "wants" of an individual.

Introverts and Extroverts - world is comprised of equal amounts of 30% introverts and 30% extroverts and rest of crowd is Somnambulists who are combination of Introverts and Extroverts. They adjust their introvertism and extrovertism according to situation and event.
Introverts - These are people who are shy, talk less, don't open out much in public/ unknown people, don't like to grab attention, etc are traits of an introvert.
Extrovert - These people are friendly, are open and talk their heart out to almost everyone they meet, are very comfortable with strangers and at public places and events, like to grab eyeballs, etc are traits of an Extrovert.
Somnambulists - They are people who are combination of both introverts and extroverts. They can adjust their level of comfort and discomfort according to whats needed for the moment.

If you have any comments or questions regarding concepts given here, then place them in comment box below. Thanks so much for stopping by, and stay tuned for more amazing content. Stay subscribes so that you don't miss a thing.

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