Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Horoscope 2017

A word about the past year, the year 2016 was meant to mark a completion as it was a number 9. Nines are where phases ends. And something new is promised to begin after that. And so when things have to end, some of it can be bitter and some of it can be nasty. And so I had a lot of people complaining me of having very troublesome issues and unexpected happenings. But know for sure that it was just winding up, of whatever good bad karma’s you has left. And then after you are supposed to get into a better phase in life. 

The numerological fortune for 2017 is here, I will be discussing the astrological parts later in this article. See below for your Astrological sign’s yearly prediction. Numbers never lie, and they are as precise as mathematics. And so though this prediction is a general numerological prediction, it will hold a lot of value to you for you as well as everyone else who reads or doesn’t read this prediction.  
The year 2017 is a year of number 1, showing great beginnings and new ventures. This year will bring new beginnings in life in all areas of life. Including health, wealth, relationships, love, career and spirituality. Last year was a year of ending and winding up what phase was ending to help you welcome the energy that is beginning this year.
This year 2017 is all about leading and dominating for a positive reason. You will find several opportunities that what you to take the lead dominate the situation and set it right. During all of this just make sure that you are not suppose to dominate to command. You have to dominate to serve and bring goodness to the masses.
Also this year is about hard-working and being authentic in what you do and what you want to give out. And so when this year is giving you energy that will allow you to be authentic, means it will help you to bring out the exclusive uniqueness within you. That’s like no one else and is yours only, what you are supposed to give out to this world. 
Energy of this year will also help you to bring out your own voice and get independent and set a mark for yourself. Where people can learn your point of lead. This applies to you, me and everyone else. 

On the flip side - Also this year you will need to let go off the ego, the extra domineering voice inside you that has over-powering control over your actions. This year you will be challenged at several instances where you will have to choose the voice of the heart over the voice of the ego. And doing so will be a tough choice, but the only feasible choice that you might follow. 
Don’t try to overly control the people you are trying to lead. As that will not serve the purpose of this year’s energy, and then you’ll instantly go off track. To be in sync with this years energy you need to follow all positive aspects of this year’s energy. And this years energy is to help you to dominate but not command. Rule but not a become a tyrant. 

This new year you are going to be given some new emotional situations, or uplifting emotive states amongst existing relationships. This new year you will also find your intuition working powerfully as this year Tarot says you will be more clearer with your inner voice. 
Also this year is all about relationships, your relationships about how you deal with them will change in a better way. Or you will find a new kindled spark that will help you rediscover the warmth and affection in your relationships. Its not going to just happen with you, but its also going to happen with others as well. Its in the energy of this year. Remember life is ALL ABOUT LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS, how to interact with people all around the world. Its never about how great you become or how much you achieve. Its about how much greatness you are ready to bring out by following your Soul’s Purpose and help bring out that greatness inside people of this world. Its not about achieving, its about how much you have that you are ready to share. And how much you have access which you don’t need, and you are ready to give away.
Life isn’t about squandering on resources that you aren’t going to use. Life is about making your life comfortable and luxurious and when you have more its helping other’s learn the importance allowing other’s through your resources. And inspiring others to bring it into their life. 
This year is also about gaining stability and becoming more efficient with whatever you are doing. You will be offered some role this year, where you will be expected to take the lead and rule it efficiently. Also you need to make ambitious plans that are in-sync with your Soul’s Purpose. And this year is about making it big with our soul’s Purpose. If you wanna go huge, then its ONLY through the Path of your Soul’s Purpose that you can do it. No other form will work, all other ways will be temporary and unstable. But to bring lasting stability you need to walk on your path of Soul’s Purpose.

For the RAMS 21st Mar - 19th April

Health -  
So this year you might face challenges with your health. Well I am not trying to freak you out, but when problems arrive. You don’t have to go through them all by yourself. Try to take help from somebody in health area. And try to deal with it, the way it should be dealt. A stitch in time saves nine, remember?!
Also if you are not having any health issues at hand, I would suggest you to start taking care of your health and work towards your fitness and eat a healthy diet. As that will help you to prevent any upcoming health problems. Try consulting some expert related to fitness field to get your right diet and routine. 

Wealth -
This is the year where you will not be much attracted by the riches and will want to move beyond them. Because you also have realised that wealth alone cannot suffice your inner need. Walking away from emptiness towards a path that give’s you fuller feeling and satisfaction from life. 
Also you will not want what is already there for you, but you’ll want something better that your heart desires. This can also lead to spiritual quest. When this year you are going to be on a path of spirituality, let me tell you. Being devoid of money totally isn’t the true spiritual life. Where you don’t get to experience the totality of life. Spiritual quest is meant so that you don’t get entangled in the hurricane of richness, but stay rooted to yoru core even after attaining heights of success in this world. 
For finances do what is right according to you, and yeah if you feel too much driven by spirituality then start putting your money to better and greater use. Instead of squandering it. 

Relationships - 
Your dreams are fulfilled regarding your relationship goals. And you will be fnally be rewarded the good-life that you always wanted to live with your loved ones. This year you will get to be with your loved one’s and bond with them more closely. Life has everything that you need, now you need some quality time with your loved one’s to share your goodness that you’ve earned. And thats what this year is bringing along.
You can arrange some vacation or retreat time with your loved ones as you have worked enough and your family has waited enough. You now need to give yourself that time, plus let your family/ loved ones have your company. 
Also this year can bring along the re-designing of your home and personal space that will help you to grow and evolve. 

Career - 
Career path this year shows that you will have to follow the path of your passion. To bring about satisfaction and fullness in what you are giving out to this world. If your job involves nothing that can make you feel passionate, then try doing things on side that make you feel good. Life isn’t just about earning money and feeding your family and making your future secure. It will al sound very hollow if there’s isn’t passion in what you are doingi n your day to day life. 
Now when I say the above thing, I don’t mean you wil have to go against the tide to follow your passion. You will be given opportunities this year that will make you feel excited and do what your heart desire’s. 

Spirituality - 
The Ace of Cups in this position is here to show you some new emotional states that are going to help you bring about spiritual upliftment. This year brings you spiritual growth as well as experiences that lead you towards a spiritual path. 
Also you might have a romantic relationship which will connect you deep into your soul, that will help you to bring about some spiritual experiences. When you connect to your partner you’ll feel the emotional bond touching your soul. That’s where you can also have some enlightening sort of experience.

for the BULL

 20th April -20th May

Health -
Health this year is going to show you some truth that’s inside your body. You might have been careless about your body, and that you will/ might now get alarmed about what has come up. It might be that you were stretching your health too long, and just that your body is able to work doesn’t mean that you are healthy. And that will be revealed to you this year. You will need to start taking your mental/ emotional/ physical health seriously. Break free of your habit of procrastination of starting a health and fitness routine. You need to start doing NOW what you feel should be your health and fitness routine. 
You need to embrace this change that has come in your life, as an opportunity to lead you towards positivity. Every problem is an opportunity in disguise. 

Wealth - 
Unnecessary worry based on lack of self-confidence that will make you feel your money needs aren’t been met. Your debts might feel intimidating to you. Or your money goal might be too high or too low because of your ego interference in goal setting. 
If you don’t need too much money, and you are getting how much you want then let go off what’s not needed. Cut off too high goals and keep them levelled. And only opt for how much you need.  

Relationships - 
You might be troubled with few of your relationships for long, and might be dragging yourself off too much endlessly thinking that it might get better. But you yourself know it isn't going anywhere. You need to get down to this, and make some bold decisions. There are relationships in life that have a temporary tag to it. They will not last forever, when you’ve learnt something from them. You need to let them go. And set yourself free from that person’s bondage, or I’d rather say set free from prison. 
Also this card says that if you have certain relationships where you don’t feel like they’re worth breaking, then too you don’t have to bind yourself to them. Set yourself free from unnecessary negative thoughts of those relationships are not working out well. It might also be an issue in your relationships that you are not seeing things clearly. You are not understanding your relationships and due to that reason your relationships are felt not so fulfilling. Start seeing the goodness in people whom you love and care about. Even if they’re not showing that love and care. Everything you want in life, always begins with you taking the first step. 

Career - 
Career this year is showing major shifts, you will have to wind up your existing career and move on towards a new one. Or you will have to wind up from one place to move to another one, maybe which you didn’t expect. 
Ending the career or let go off the work that wasn’t paying you off enough, and begin something that’s more fruitful and rewarding. This career change might make you freak out, as you are not prepared of it. But life knows now is the time for you to make that change. And so it is offering you this change.
When there are situations that end randomly, then there’s just one thing that you have to do. Then its “Let go and let God”

Spirituality - 
This year our spiritual area will make you make better choices. What you might have opted for isn’t working though and might have given you tough lessons to digest. 
But there’s always a way. If the one you were walking on has a dead end. Then you’ll need to find another way that is better one, one that matches your expectations and one that gives results. 
Take charge of your spiritual progress, release regretting or crying over spilt milk. And embrace the new opportunities that are lying ahead. Also this might go deeper. For progressing this year spiritually try to see the ‘goodness’ in everything that happens to you. This itself in a big practice. For every dark phase you see, try to see a silver lining in it. Because everything happens for our good in this eternity. You are not brought here to just suffer. If you understand life in real sense this way, you’ll see there’s no suffering at all. 

for the TWINS

21st May - 21st June

Health -   
7 of pentacles have to tell us for this month that whatever you have done for your health till now is an investment that is going to show results. Its not something that’s going to wither away. Your hard work towards good health will pay off. Your regular exercising and yoga and meditations are going to pay off. And so keep working steadily towards your health. Even if nothing extraordinary is showing in your results.  
And now that you are set with your regime, you need to think more and higher. Keep working towards higher and better health goals. Keep pushing yourself towards higher goals in health area. Health includes mental/ emotional/ physical health. 
Also if you had any health related challenges and you were under some treatment, then know this that you are getting cured. And that the treatment is working fine with you. You will still need to continue for sometime until you can get the green signal of getting completely healed. 

Wealth - 
Wealth this year is going to be like that gives you emotional fulfilment. No amount of money can feed your greed. But this year emotionally whatever you feel should be your financial stability like, will be actually brought in to you. 
Sometimes wealth that money cannot buy is more valuable to us, then the wealth that money can buy. This year you will have the wealth that money cannot buy, happy and harmonious relationships and having enough money for making emotional fulfilment in your life.  
Having some good family time out, maybe on a vacation or spending good amount on your family to get emotional fulfilment. Having enough money to satisfy the emotional and materialistic needs of your family.

Relationships - 
This year relationships for you will be based on how wisely you act in any given situation. Your mind is at your best this year, speak your heart out. You need to make sure that your actions are in integrity with your inner values. 
One of the other aspect of your personality says that you are more available mentally, logically and intellectually and lesser on your emotional side. Try to weigh out situations before acting out totally rationally. Not every situation wants logical analysis and over-thinking. You can sometimes deal with situations when you are just pure and affectionate.  

Career - 
This year your work and work environment will see celebrations. You can get promoted or get some public recognition of a task well completed. This years you also can expect some growth in your career, some additional responsibilities added. Plus addition of some income too/ promotion or raise. Also this year there will be great positivity and uplifting atmosphere at your workplace. There will be great emotional bonding and family like atmosphere for people at your work.  
Career place also needs some break and some celebrations from time to time. So if you have a very serious kind of environment then try to induce a little joy and fun in your environment on regular basis. 

Spirituality - 
Spiritually you will grow when you start giving people what you have already gained from your spiritual practices. You become open to spiritual knowledge and wisdom that is needed to people in this world. When you start meditating you will receive all of these. But what is the use of it, if you are not ready to share that knowledge what you have found useful to you. 
You give what you have in excess and in return you get what you are in need of. So to bring about spiritual growth give the knowledge or the sacred practices you are following which you know helps and you will in return receive some practices that you need to know of.

For the CRAB
22nd June - 23rd July

Health - 
Health area for you this year shows you have had some really good health and fitness related practices and they are going to pay off now. You need to have patience and work upon your health. If you have health issues for which you are getting treatment then you need to know that treatment is already working and will come to an end once the entire cycle of healing is over. 
On the other hand if you are healthy and have just emotional problems and negative thought patterns. Then know that they too can be healed. Try working upon them, find some healer who can help you heal that. 

Wealth - 
A lot of things in life work out due to ‘faith’. And this year in your wealth area you are bring given this immense faith that will help you to attract a much wealth as you want. This year you have to make wishes that are truly dear to your heart, and then make long term plans for those wishes to get into action. And whatever you are going to plan out is going to work out well. 
This year itself is shown by the best card for prosperity that not only shows money. But also shows that abundance is due in your life, but not just material wealth. Its going to come about with the best of feeling ‘faith’ that actually helps you to understand the deeper value of why you are being gifted by that money. 

Relationships - 
Relationships this year shows a little bit of protectiveness. This protectiveness can be towards the people you love. You will end up being over-protective towards people you love. 
Or that the people you love will try to judge you or be unjust towards you. Or may try to treat you in an unjust way. 
You will have a choice whether you use the energy in a positive way towards improving your relationships, this can be your determined effort. Or else if you don't use this energy in a good way, it might dissipate in a wrong way. 

Career - 
For career this year it seems to be a year full of learning and upgrading yourself with the latest trends that are running currently. This year you need to learn and make yourself better in your area. 
Also this card suggests that you will want to do something meaningful in your career, so that you are not just sitting and working as an employee. But you are actually making a difference in life of people. And helping the society. This might also at a point make you feel restless as you might not know how to do it. 
But know that gathering relevant knowledge, and applying it with wisdom in your work. Is the best use of knowledge. 

Spirituality - 
Spiritually this card shows that you have grown so strong spiritually that whatever you want manifests. This on greater terms then just fulfilling materialistic needs. Also this card shows that if spiritually you want to go quite high, then you need to have your feet firmly rooted in the earth. And so use grounding techniques if you feel that you are getting too floaty. When you rise too high in spiritual world, then sometimes you might lose grounding in this world. and you might find the higher world better, lower world full of misery. Then you need to ground yourself, perhaps wear earthy toned clothes to ground you to the earth. 

for the LIONS

24th July - 23rd Aug 

Health -  This area of your life shows some great upliftment. You are healthy and vibrant and already experiencing it. But what’s next? Life involves including challenges to your life to let you go to the next level. To get healthy you sometimes need to try something new and challenging. And this year’s energy is all set to allow you new options you can deal with your fitness. 
You are also expected to be yourself and use your original ideas to set into this new adventure that you are trying. Calculated steps and adventure = something excited that’s going to work out as the solution. 

Wealth - For the financial area of your life, you need to know for this year for sure that you are supposed to be ready to receive a speedy success and a graph that soars high then your records before. 
Also this might make you feel stressed out, but this stress would come from good things. All the things that you’d always wished could happen in your life. And now you have it all and things will just get speedy and having too much to handle also can bring in a bit of stress.

Relationships - 
Relationships this year will be having a shift in them. Mentally you will focus on energies that will bring a shift in your relationships. A new wy of thinking, a new way of understanding your relationships, a new way of communicating with people you love.
Also not just new way but also an all new way or perspective to view your relationships from will emerge into your life. 

Career - 
For career this year you need to start sharing more of the good stuff you’ve got. When you share what you have in excess you are actually making space within you for the good things that you want to learn and add to your knowledge base. 
Also for your career this year try to give more to people. With time you have learned to acquire more, and that ‘more’ that you have, serve more people that you could possibly do. 
Try to give away in charity, or donations or scholarships what you feel now is excess with you. Or you have enough of it, that you can always give away it for a minimal rate or for free.

Spirituality - 
Your spiritual area this year seems to get upliftment. Spirituality will demand attention in life and you will want to learn ore and be more in our spiritual area. Things that demand you to go into depth of matters tat are beyond your understanding, will come to you. Leaving you this opportunity of delving into the vast ocean or infinite energy of the divine. 
Try reading books or going to retreats or visiting your guru who can teach you stuff that is beyond your understanding. Also your life might be facing a new challenging situation, to which you don’t have any idea how to deal with. You need to accept that and try to get answers to that situation or learn more about how to deal with this challenge. 

 for the MAIDEN

24th Aug - 22nd Sept

Health -  
This year health might be affected by your emotional state. Or that you might regret not working on your health or ignoring your health for long. When I say that doesn’t mean that something serious is going to happen. But sometimes ignoring health for long time and gaining lethargy over time. Also becomes your concern. Just without any reason you don’t feel good about your health. Though you know there’s nothing wrong with your health. 
Leave that thought pattern and start thinking in a new direction. You have realised something now start valuing what you already have. Start valuing your body and begin working on your health and fitness now.

Wealth - 
Your wealth this year needs a bigger and broader vision inorder to deal with it. If you want to increase your wealth you need to start thinking bigger and better for your finances. Also start internally planning about more finances. Just dreaming won’t help to deal with financial upliftment. You need to start working for it. 
To get your hands into prosperity creativity is the key. Life has a lot to give you, and when you understand what life wants you to give back. Then the right kind of gains will start happening. World needs more of creative energy to let it higher then what it is now. And when you do that you are eligible to gain finances more then what you expect.

Relationships - 
Relationship with people you love and relationships you have enjoyed in past will have its importance this year. You will have new relationships/ friendships coming up this year. Making up for a permanent place in your heart and life. 
Also relationships from your past or childhood what might have been slipped away with the pace of this world. Will start to emerge up again and memories revisited. Old friends or past partners may emerge in your life again. Or you will find new friendships taking a deep root all of a sudden, that’s because you have some deep roots from a previous lifetime. You need to do is to embrace those memories, and take it objectively.

Career - 
A new opportunity for your career advancement is coming up. It can be a upraisal or something new and exciting that’s coming your way. Also you will find new opportunity in your life that will help you to raise your abilities in your career. And you need to embrace it right on and start working on it. 
Also there might be a chance that you might be offered new opportunities related to job or business that might come up your way. Accept it, life knows whats good for you. Better then you, and so trust in the process of life. 

Spirituality - 
New emotional states help you think more wisely about your life. Also your spirituality will be affected by the way you deal with emotional situations in your life. Your relationships in life will be balanced and harmonious that they will help you. 
Your balanced emotional state will make you feel good spiritually and make you a step higher in your spirituality. Emotions when balanced and in control will make you think deeper and feel better. Positive situations in life also help you take to a new level of wisdom and spirituality in life. 

for the SCALES

23th Sept - 22nd Oct 

Health -  Progress in your health is possible, your ambitious choices can affect your health for good. When you start being of worth to the world, nature starts supporting you. And that will happen to you as well, your health will start improving. Following your heart is what is going to take you to better places in life. Not just your health but also other areas of life, so follow your heart. 
Build a long-term vision for your health and start working towards it. Health is the biggest gift you have. And building a long term vision for your health will help you to maintain it. 

Wealth - 
For wealth this year is where you are going to be able to create it from thin air. Its not anywhere else, its within you. When you make up your mind to accept the prosperity you will get it. The blocks are inside you, and nowhere else in this world. You need to be ready to receive and things will start falling into place. 
Truth can always bring in solid wealth, if you want to create long lasting financial stability remember it has to be based on truth and integrity. Also your communication should be honest and open. People don’t see for perfection and mastery. They see for honesty and truth. And when you BE that way you’ll see money falling from the sky into your lap.

Relationships - 
Nine of pentacles this year shows that its the year for your relationships to flourish. Abundance in your relationships will be experienced. All you have desired and wished for that much love and affection will be showered unto you, this year. You may experience your own personal relationship upliftment or you will celebrate relationship upliftment of the people you love. Either way its going to be a time for celebration and exchange of positive emotions this year. 
Satisfaction with your relationships is on the cards this year. 

Career - 
This year your career is gonna soar high when you make the right choices, with faith in you. You need to have a sense of purpose inside you that there is going to be a stable career life for you. 
Whatever you wish for in your career would be brought about to you, its only that you have to ask. When this much is promised, its only upto you how much more and higher you ask for?
You might have struggled a lot in your career, but now is the time you have to reap the sweet fruit of your hard work. This year is bringer of greatness plus happiness from whatever you have done.

Spirituality - 
Spiritually its the tower card that is showing up. And though the tower card is the bringer of shock or shows up bitter truth then too its still gonna clear out ways for you.
This card also is a good card for spiritual growth as this card is a breaker of all illusions and bringer of realisation of the truth. Which will be brought on to you this year. Spiritually the best thing to achieve is the highest truth and then live through it.
Also nothing is going to come directly to you. You also need to break your old patterns that don’t work anymore. And come out of it to make yourself into a better being.  

Life experiences that last forever will occur this year. And will change forever you way of thinking.

for the  SCORPION

23rd Oct - 22nd Nov 

Health -  
For your health this you will need some guidance from some expert. If its not the doctor then it will be the health and fitness coach that you will need to consult. Also for you health and staying healthy will be defined by truth and honest communication. You might find guilt and insecurity creeping up your health if you are not making truth an integral part of your life. Your mind, body and soul are connected. And so how you feel will affect your health. 
Also don’t get too emotional and take decisions, when it comes to health stick to logical and rational options to maintain your health. Avoid emotional eating and emotional sweeting. 

Wealth - 
This year seems for you the testing time for your patience, you have put in your best efforts to make your career excel. Also you have worked hard for getting a place what you expect you should be in. Now is the time when you have to sit back and wait for the results to appear. Things are going on good, but there is still time for the harvest to happen. And until then you need to just keep a watch over your crop. 
If you are working upon something then look whether its going on at the right pace to meet the right expectations. If not then try things in a different ways. As you need to build up something that can be looked upon and relied upon. And that’s gonna happen when you build something based on expectations. 

Relationships - 
For relationships this year it shows that you might be too focused on yourself that you might miss out whats going on around you. There will be love all around you, or new opportunities to help you embrace love into your life. But you need to lift your head or turn around to see it. 
Also it might be that something that you are rejecting might be something that’s worth giving a try. Give a chance and you might find that who you felt were not giving your time. Actually can be really something like what you are searching for. 
You will have two options this year for your relationships, either just sit and watch without taking any action or take what’s been given to you, and try whether its really worth your time or not.

Career - 
This year is where your career will need some helping hand that will help you to bolster up your progress. It can be a business partner, or some colleague who can help you with tasks that need attention. 
You might need some assistance in making your career/ work as you expect it to be. And there’s nothing wrong in finding help. As you cannot do it all. 
Career also needs balance and energy in equals. You will need to create that much energy in your career to make your work life balanced. If you are not getting what you expect then there’s a chance to change that this year. Visualise the outcome that you want to bring about in your career and you’ll get it. 

Spirituality - 
Spiritually this year is where you will get to see some physical results of your spiritual efforts. Life will start getting more beautiful and harmonious with your spiritual practices. So if you are into spirituality, then keep doing what you are doing. Or try to make more efforts by upgrading your efforts. And you’ll find whatever comes your way will be reflected in the materialistic life of yours. 

You will also be able to bring about positive changes in your body with your spiritual practices. 

Sagittarius - for the ARCHER
23rd Nov - 20th Dec

Health -  
For health this year you need to take charge of it. Everything that doesn’t need much attention keep it on the side. And focus totally on things that matter to you. Creating passion and interest or goals about your health and getting back your fitness level will be easier for you and work this year. 
Also this king is all about fiery energy as wands is a suit of fire. So use your fire in the right direction. Avoid using your fire energy to express your temper or taking decisions when you are angry. 
You are going to have a lot of energy this year, and how to spend it or use it will decide how your health is. If you use your energy in negative way by expressing negative emotions then you will experience health issues. Sam with the opposite.

Wealth - 
For wealth this year is where you are going to be able to create it from thin air. Its not anywhere else, its within you. When you make up your mind to accept the prosperity you will get it. The blocks are inside you, and nowhere else in this world. You need to be ready to receive and things will start falling into place. 
Truth can always bring in solid wealth, if you want to create long lasting financial stability remember it has to be based on truth and integrity. Also your communication should be honest and open. People don’t see for perfection and mastery. They see for honesty and truth. And when you BE that way you’ll see money falling from the sky into your lap.

Relationships - 
This card here shows some time where you let the rewards flow to you. You have invested some really good time & efforts in your relationships and now is the time when you’ll reap the benefits of it. If you have been working on your relationships for a while then you need to take a step back and see whether you are giving the right amount of effort and whether you are getting results or not. If you are not getting results then try in a different manner. 
If they’re not meeting your expectations try in a different manner, or lowering your expectations or do things differently. People are not like you, and their way of expecting and accepting what you give might be different. So look for what they want from you, rather then just trying to give out what you want to give.

Career - 
Your career this year is something with which you can play magic about. You need to stop sitting and waiting for your career to tke a flight. You need to start working out the magic that you want to make happen in your career. 
You have the ability to manifest a career success level that you want to achieve in your life. 
This time of your career also involves birth of new ideas that lead to career success and uppraisal. You might also think of starting a business of your own, and putting your dreams into action. To manifest a future that you want. 

Spirituality - 
The spiritual area this year for you is going to mark completion of a phase of your spiritual journey. And it would be time to celebrate and enjoy the attainments that you’ve got. You might have decided certain goals or spiritual experiences to gain and this year will help you to attain them. If you had not done this till now, then start setting a goal itself for whatever you want to attain. and this year’s energy will help you manifest that in this year itself.

You will achieve great heights in spirituality and also spiritual knowledge. Also when one phase or cycle of spiritual attainment gets over, to make way for a new phase or spiritual learning to creep in. So this year it may also mark as some new spiritual experiences to begin.

Capricorn - for the MOUNTAIN-SEA GOAT
22nd Dec - 20th Jan

Health - You might have get involved into things that are not good for your health, and this year shows that its time to cleanse that energy. You have gathered garbage over time, and now is the best time to detox. Try detoxing as well as doing some emotional freedom techniques to remove the mental and emotional residues of negativity. 
Also this card tell you that this year you might head over to such habits and behaviours that might not be totally good for your health. And so keep a watch on your eating and lifestyle habits. If something feels good initially and not great after taking it in. Stay away from it.  If you watch your steps now, you will save yourself from a great deal of problems in future. 

Wealth - There will be rapid shifts and changes to the course of actions you are doing to gain money. Also there will be rapid shifts in your financial gains. This year is all about quick and rapid actions and happenings. And so your plans related to finances might change or need alteration. Also this might point out that certain circumstances happen might happen so much in a snap that you might need to alter your savings. 
There might come chances of immediate investments or spending money on something. And so money area might not be quite steady. When I say its not steady, it doesnt mean there’s going to be scarcity. It just means there isn’t much surity that what is now, will stay the same constant in future as well.

Relationships - 
This year you are going to get some new passion and enthusiasm imbibed into your relationships.  People with whome you share a loving bond will seem to make you more and more passionate. And then you use that passion in different areas of life to create magic. 
This can be also with new relationships entering your life that make you totally swept off your feet. Also this new relationship that enters into your life will be something which is totally opposite to you, making the fact “opposites attract” work for your life. 
Also this year is where you are going to be dazzled with your relationships, you just have to wait and the magic will happen in your life. If it doesn’t happen then don’t forget to swish the wand. 

Career - 
This year is a year for you to nurture your career. Your career needs some personal touch from you to excel. Make yourself emotionally involved with your career. Things where you put in your emotions will make it work the way you desire it to work. And if chances are that you were not happy with your career till now then you need to invest in it with your emotions. Start loving your work, if you don’t love. Start doing something that you love. If you don’t love your career yet are bound to it, then try to learn stuff related to your career. Sometimes not understanding things also leads us to not like certain things. 

Spirituality - 
You and your spirituality will be able to yield material satisfaction. If you are having financial issues or crisis in your physical world. Then using spiritual practices you will be able to overcome it. Or your spiritual upliftment will make things better for you in the materialistic dimension. Also through your spiritual practices you will be able to track your roots of your legacy or past lives. 

This year it might also point out to you that continuing spiritual practices at your home itself will bring about progress in your spirituality. 

for the WATER - BEARER21st Jan - 19th Feb 

Health -  
Health this year involves a new beginning or a turn towards a better phase of emotional and physical well-being. You might have been healthy or you might have been struggling to stay healthy. But this year a new opportunity will be offered to you, in the form of emotional shift that you will be able to surpass your health challenges. And if you health doesn’t have any challenges you will be able to take your health to a new and better level.
Also take close notice of any intuitive messages you get to help you improve or better you health. They come for helping you to get back to health and in good shape. Also your emotional states will help you induce new hope regarding health, if you have been suffering from health problems. Try to keep up your emotional states and that will help you steadily increase your physical body’s health and wellness. 

Wealth - 
Sometimes it happens that you don’t make the right choices and that affects your finances. You might feel that way this year, but remember everything happens for the good. and if you had some not so good lessons happening, you still have very good lessons that will make you realise the importance of right decisions. 
Also make wise choices about your finances, as this year also points out to you taking directions or decisions about money. That will ultimately not make you happy in future. If you check the way you are dealing with finances now, will save you from great deal of hassle in future. 

Relationships - 
Make a wish and it will be fulfilled. Take your relationships to the next level during this year, or find a totally new and magical relationship experience in this year. All without any effort only by the deepest wish in your heart. 
Also this year is about faith, hope and understanding in your relationships. You will see your relationships go to all new level that will have a lot of hope faith and understanding. You will find these qualities in yourself as well in people whom you love. Thats just going to make your relationship thrive. 

Career - 
This year your career might might take a quick take-off from the ground level. You were expecting some lift in your career, and here it is. Things will start happening at a quicker level. You will be super busy this year with your work. Also you will be full with appointments or tightly scheduled up with meetings. 
Also the momentum this year you are going to experience at your job or business end will be like overwhelming that might make you stressed out. But remember this stress will be coming from a place of good. So there’s nothing to worry about it.

Spirituality - 
Spiritually you will need to find an ally on whom you can rely upon for spiritual counsel. Or you might have to become one for someone else. If in your spiritual progress you are lacking wisdom to help you grow, then ask for help to the universe. And a possible helper will appear to help you. Also this year its a silent reminder to us that you need to accept your truth. You need to balance the heart and the mind. Your mind might be too active in making you decide in your life. But level yourself and know that not every good decision needs to be taken from the mind. Heart also knows better paths, that mind cannot think of.

 for the FISH

20th Feb - 20th March 

Health -  Situations about your health will make you make moves quickly or take quick steps towards health betterment. You may or may not find health issues but you will still take quick steps in this direction towards making your health better. Also this year you might at once feel conscious about your health and fitness that you will take actions towards getting better, at the flip of a hat. 
Also if there are health problems involved this card says that immediate and quick steps might need to be taken. 
This year you might also be boosted by motivation to improve your health, and so you will take quick actions for helping you heal. Or reach an optimum level of good health. 

Wealth - 
Sometimes it happens that you don’t make the right choices and that affects your finances. You might feel that way this year, but remember everything happens for the good. and if you had some not so good lessons happening, you still have very good lessons that will make you realise the importance of right decisions. 
Also make wise choices about your finances, as this year also points out to you taking directions or decisions about money. That will ultimately not make you happy in future. If you check the way you are dealing with finances now, will save you from great deal of hassle in future.

Relationships - 
This year would be the time for active waiting for your relationships to get better. Active waiting is not going to last forever, you will get to be with your loved one’s and be with them as you expect. But only after a period of actively waiting for them. Also you might have a vision for your relationships and you need to release that vision to the universe. This will help you to get your relationships to where you want them to be. Remember this year is not about taking your relationships to places. Its about consciously deciding about which direction you want your relationships to go in.

Career - 
Your career life is showing some quick actions and quick progress making you soar to great heights or it will take you to places you have dreamt of being in. 
Your work life is going to keep you super duper busy.
This year your career might might take a quick take-off from the ground level. You were expecting some lift in your career, and here it is. Things will start happening at a quicker level. You will be super busy this year with your work. Also you will be full with appointments or tightly scheduled up with meetings. 
Also the momentum this year you are going to experience at your job or business end will be like overwhelming that might make you stressed out. But remember this stress will be coming from a place of good. So there’s nothing to worry about it.

Spirituality - 
This year you’ll see great progress in your spiritual front. You might have made great struggle in your spiritual life to reach upto a certain goal. And this is the year that you will find yourself attain those heights that you had decided to reach. If you are not there yet, don’t lose hope. As its certain that you will be reaching some good position this year. And so keep doing what you were doing, success is near. And by the way there’s no winning or loosing in spiritual practices. Your practices always count in universal account. But this year is here to show you success, as what you expect to help you develop faith in what you are doing. 
Also your spiritual practices might take you so high that you will be recognised for your spirituality, in the society.

Soul's Purpose Weekly Tarot/ Angel/ Geeta Reading 25th to 31st Jan 2016

Hindi - Soul's Purpose Weekly Tarot/ Angel/ Geeta Reading 25th to 31st Jan 2016

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