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Combining Tarot and Oracle cards

Tarot cards are a pack of 78 cards that are different then Playing cards. And originated around roughly 1450 century. If you are already a Tarot reader you will know this and possibly a lot of other stuff about tarot. 
Here I am considering that everyone reading this is new to tarot, so will explain from basics. Tarot cards are drawn from the ancient secret Kaballah which is believed to be brought down directly by the Gods to us during the creation of this planet. The exact origin of Tarot cards is yet unknown. Which makes them all the more mysterious!
With Tarot you can see future, get answers to questions, get directions, choose best option for you from a variety of options, and also use tarot for meditation. Tarot cards are interesting not just for spiritually aligned people, but also the one’s who don't believe into spirituality find tarot interesting. 

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Oracle - 
Oracle cards are a little bit different from the Tarot cards. Oracle cards are not fixed in number and can vary from 26 cards to even 80 or 100 cards. There’s no limit to how many cards can one person have in their deck. 
Oracle means an object that can help you to connect to the divine world, to bring answers that you want in your life. Oracles can be several different objects, or people itself. They can be crystal balls, crystals, runes, stones, shells, herbs, tea leaves stuck at the base of a cup, patterns drawn by insects on sand during some astrological phase or moon phase etc. 
Oracle’s can help to guide with future, as well as give guidance on how to take next steps in life. Oracle cards are very much connected to deep spiritual realms.

Tarot is also a sort of Oracle deck. But it has a specific theme on which all 78 cards are built. Whereas other oracle decks are not built on themes. All decks will vary in themes. One might have theme of animals, while other might have theme of flowers etc. I have discussed in detail about Oracles in my earlier post, you can read it here Oracle Cards.

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Combining Tarot with Oracle Cards - 
Combining Tarot and oracle cards is a common practice. As Tarot can give generic materialistic world related solution. While to make the reading more fulfilling the rest of the Oracle cards will help. Readings done in this way are usually found more fulfilling. I do weekly readings and usually the Oracle cards are the ones that make the reading feel complete. 

Do’s and Don'ts - 
If you are a Tarot reader and are already using tarot for seeing your future, then you’d surely love to combine Oracle cards too to get better readings. So I have listed a few things you need to be careful about while going for Tarot and oracle cards combined while you practice…

== To get best results choose the right oracle deck for yourself. If you feel extremely bent towards an Oracle deck then that deck will help you to get the best readings. And get the best out of your intuition. I have designed an Advanced tutorial # 5 on how to choose the best oracle deck for you. You can go and get it here. Its really really valuable and will help you to get the right deck. I myself have purchased more then a dozen of Oracle decks after which I figured out the perfect deck for myself. And I know not everyone can afford to do that same thing. Spending $100’s of dollars after decks and then finding that one special deck that you’ll need it all. 

== Also if you are doing oracle cards you need to learn to connect to some or the other form of spiritual energy beings or divine beings which will help you to bring better and wholesome answers through your oracle.

== Learn Psychic Protection, while dealing with Spiritual realms. As you need to know the right beings to connect with. You’ll know psychic protection also in Advanced Masterclass # 6, so check it out.

== Try following some rituals before and after the readings. As connection to spiritual world needs some start and end signals. As you want to have spiritual connection only when you are doing your readings. Staying connected to a spiritual realm might overwhelm you with messages all the time. And then you’ll not know what to do with that amount of energy and those messages. Learn how to connect to spiritual realm with the right rituals in advanced masterclass # 6 here. As well as some good rituals to go with it.

Advantages of Combining Tarot and Oracle Cards - 
Advantages of combining Tarot and Oracle Cards are many, but you might want to consider these few as they are outstanding. 
1. Tarot and oracle cards complement each other well. Tarot usually gives more of materialistic or THIS WORLD sort of answer. And combining spiritual Oracle cards will make your readings more fuller and complete. 
2. Tarot and oracle cards actually fill the gaps that each brings. And so most people will be satisfied with the readings. Many times some people will not get satisfied by a reading if its just based on Tarot.
3. Sensitive people usually feel Tarot as harsh, and so combining Tarot with the Oracle cards will make the reading more gentle and lively. 
4. Oracle cards will help you to connect your intuition and bring out your intuitive powers. Which will help you with Tarot as well. 

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So that’s all from me for now, leave your comments below if you want to add anything to this article. I know there’s a lot more that can go into this. If you need to add something to this, please add that in comments below. I would love to get your word too for this article. If you’d like to know deeper into this topic then I have a detailed in-depth Sacred Powerful Wisdom Advanced Masterclass, as I term it. That masterclass has a lot more informational stuff related to this article, I couldn’t share it all here. So if you are interested in getting your hands over it then head along over to that… I have already begun getting some great reviews for the Masterclasses...

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