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3 simple Spreads for beginners

3 simple spreads for Beginners -

Hey welcome back to this week’s interesting Tarot treat. I wanted to offer you something different then usual, and so thought of Spreads! Spreads are yumm on toast as well as on your Reading table as well :) 
Kidding! Well As a beginner I sometimes struggled and used to get baffled while Tarot reading. Difficulty was to choose a particular spread for me while I knew there were many spreads existing. Tarot Spreads and the depth they offered was also confusing. Some spreads had just few cards and they said it offers great depth. And some spreads had many cards and they said that it could be used for minor day-to-day queries as well. I had the mis-conception that less card spread was used for minor reading/questions and larger spread cards were used for deep questions. Whereas some part of this is true, but its not always the case. Larger spreads can offer more details, though some of them could be used for day to day readings or minor questions as well. 
Spreads and readings for a total beginner can be totally confusing and mind daunting. The challenge of memorising the 78 cards wasn’t enough that the big bad world throws to you another challenge of “Spreads”. Doesn’t matter, you need to stay cool, and keep reading this post. You need to first get down and decide which spreads you are gonna use. Write it down! I am not kidding, at first you will need to do all this school kid typo work to help you stay focused and get it all right. 

One Card Spread -

 This spread/ reading can be used for minor as well as serious questions. Ofcourse you cannot call it a spread, as it doesn’t look like much of it is around.

One card reading can be easily taken as just the solution, or you can decide for yourself what that one card means for you. 
So if you are a total beginner, a thousand questions will stir up in your mind as soon as you pick up and start shuffling the deck. And so when you pick out the card you will be confused what it means. So just before you do any reading, I would suggest you that you first write down the questions you are going to ask that one card reading.  This will help you to stay focused on your question.
Once you pull out the card, you know what it stands for. 
One card reading can be used for a variety of purposes, to understand depth of a matter, to understand the question, to understand what’s being said and what’s not being said etc.  

Two Card Spread  - 

This two card reading can also be used as a solution or as an answer to client’s or to your question. This reading will be giving you better depth. But if you are a total beginner and want up to the mark answers and get confused with more card, stick to one card reading for sometime. 
Two card reading can also be used as 1st card for getting the solution to current problem, plus the next card telling the future when the solution step is taken. 

Three Card Spread - 

Three card spread is the most versatile spread, it can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you want a quick reading or an in-depth reading this will work. Ofcourse the depth and detail that a large spread can bring cannot be acquired by this 3 card spread yet, you  can always use this to help you get quick readings. Its perfect for beginners to help them go deep with 3 cards and deliver a good weightage reading for client’s concerns.

A three card general reading can be 1st Card = Past, 2nd Card = Present and 3rd Card = Future. Which is widely used by most of Tarot Readers around the world. This spread can also be used in few ore ways… here’s it.

Present and Future Spread -  

1st Card = Present, 2nd Card = Guidance for Present concerns and 3rd card = Future. This spread can be where the first card is the present card or the card that shown the problem that is concerned. Then the 2nd card will show the guidance for the 1st card, and the 3rd card will show the outcome when the guidance is followed.  

Problem and Direction Spread -

1st card is showing problem, or situation at hand. 
And the other two cards will show two different options for solving or handling that problem at hand. And then the Querent has the choice which solution to choose. 
Now the two directions that will be shown by the cards will also help to decide which direction is better, or whether both directions are good. And it depends upon the preference of the querent where he wants to go and which direction he prefers and why. 

These are the basic three spreads that I feel will be good for everyone, especially for newbies as beginners as you might find it difficult as a beginner to use the cards effectively with spreads. Have you known or used any other simple spreads other then these? If yes then please share in comments below, you can tag me in picture on facebook if you want to show me the pictured version of it. Also if you want to share the entire spread and your interpretation then too you can tag me.
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Will get back to you next week with something new and interesting to share. If you have any requests or queries about learning tarot you can surely ask them in comments below. I would love to help you :) 

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