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Quirks of a Spiritual Professional

Hello, welcome back to my weekly Tarot articles. I know you are here to quench your Tarot thirst. Today I have got few of my friends who have shared their quirks of being into their spiritual profession. May it be Tarot, Astrology or Witchcraft. All these lovely people have shared their heart out about the work they've chosen. Here's what they have to say.... Frustrations of being a Tarot Reader by Tarot Romance Everyone wants their ex-lover back “Is my lover coming back?” Is THE most common question I’m asked. And you can probably guess the percentage of times the answer is YES…  It’s not always good news I like to be an up-lifter. So it’s tough when I pull rubbish cards and tougher still to resist the urge to put a positive spin on it… But the moment I try to censor myself is the moment my intuition flies out the window.  It takes guts to tell people what they don’t want to hear! I’m a target for abuse A total stranger sent this via my contact form today: “A