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What is Numerology? How can it help? in Hindi

If you'd like to watch this video in English go here -   What is Numerology? How can it help? Have you ever wondered what numerology might be. It is an age old science which is also called the Science of numbers.  Numerology has been used since ancient times. And our ancestors had recognised the powers of Numbers. And they even used them to help them in various areas of life. Watch this video till the end to make sure you take in all the info I have shared. This video will help you learn a-z how numerology helps. If you want to get a Numerology Reading with me then go here - If you'd like to learn Numerology with me, then message me here priti at souls - purpose dot com That's all from me for now, let me know how did you like this video. Will get back again with a new video. Until next time Bye - Love & Light  Angel Blessings  #numerology #Whatisnumerology #Ho