Tuesday 26 December 2017

Goal Setting (in Hindi)

Have you always had dreams and ambitions, but never actually knew how to achieve them? Or maybe you even knew the techniques of how to achieve your goals, but they hardly worked for you!
I have created this video for people, beginners as well as for the one's who have tried Goal Setting techniques before.

As I too have experienced that just goal setting doesn't work, there needs to be more to it. The makers of the movie "The Secret" have missed important points in the movie. They say just order from the universe's menu. Which sounds very thrilling & entertaining statement, but it doesn't work that easy.

I have worked on all the goal setting techniques for years, and then from personal experience as well as I have given them to my clients also; so you can trust upon these techniques. Try to watch the video 3-4 times if you are a total beginner for these techniques. As it will take you time to digest them fully.
If you want to watch this video in English language, then go here.

Watch the video and make sure you share it, there's a lot of stuff of internet about goal setting that's questionable. People just keep making those videos, for sake of earning money. But thee never answer the important questions that may arise once you start using those techniques. Try to share this video, because after trial and error on myself, I figured out few things that work. Then used them on my clients, and then I am sharing this video with you guys. It was not a process of days... or weeks... or months... its after 11yrs I am sharing. So you can imagine how much research is put into this video, and how effective the results might be.

Also there is a video on Affirmations that I had already made. If you are interested in watching it, here it is... 

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Thanks for watching and being here... 

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