Sunday, 8 October 2017

Weekly Tarot Guidance for Astrological Sun Sign for 8th to 14th Oct 2017

Weekly Guidance for 8th to 14th Oct 2017


Weekly Guidance Video for your Astrological Sun Sign, every video has english version first, followed by hindi version. 

Aries(March 21st to April 19th) -

TaurusApril 20th - May 20th) - 

Gemini(May 21st - June 20th) - 

Cancer(June 21st - July 22nd) - 

Leo(July 23rd - August 22nd) - 

Virgo(August 23rd - Sept 22nd) - 

Libra(Sept 23rd - Oct 22nd) - 

Scorpio(Oct 23rd - Nov21st) - 

Sagittarius(Nov 22nd - Dec 21st) - 

Capricorn(Dec 22nd to Jan 19th) -

Aquarius(Jan 20th- Feb 18th) -

Pisces(Feb 19th - March 20th) -

Weekly Energy   

sometimes happy moments are the ones when u hear urslf breath in relaxed way...
Have a Happy Sunday. 
Stay Peaceful, Spread Peace 
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  1. Wonderful illustrated information. I thank you about that. No doubt it will be very useful for my future projects. Would like to see some other posts on the same subject! buenas videntes

    1. Hey, check latest posts on this blog. I update latest weekly guidance videos here :)