Tuesday 27 June 2023

Tarot Mastery Course - July 2023 Batch Registrations OPEN!


Tarot Mastery Course - 15 Days Program 

(in Hindi) 

Dates - 1st to 15th July 

Time - 10 to 11pm IST

 ✅ You will be able to have Full Knowledge of Tarot. Inside out, good for you if you want to Become Tarot Professional 

 ✅ Get Bonuses to help you Master Tarot and Take your Learning to Next Level. 

✅ You will easily be able to Earn 50,000/- or more from your home doing Tarot 

Bonuses you get FREE with this Program 

👉🏻 Daily Handouts for 15days 

👉🏻 Tarot Beginner's Course FREE

👉🏻 Tarot Symbol Mastery Course FREE 

👉🏻 Tarot Reversals Mastery FREE 

👉🏻 Certificate of Completion. 

What you get?

👉🏻 Private Whatsapp Group 

👉🏻 Daily Live Sessions, you can ask questions and we will be doing deep lengthy readings on live sessions. 

👉🏻 Guidance to start your Business 

👉🏻 Everything you need to Learn about Tarot will be covered in this Course. No further Courses needed. 

Course Fees - Rs. 29,999/-

(Use Discount Code SPECIAL to get 45% Discount on Course Fees.)

Discounted Price Rs. 17,999/- + taxes

OFFER AVAILABLE ONLY FOR SHORT TIME. These Bonuses & Price will not be available Again! So Join NOW! 

To Register go here 

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