You and Crystals

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If you feel attracted towards crystals and their energies, then this is a perfect course for you
If you feel guided to learn more about crystals
you want to learn crystal therapy to bring about positive energy of crystals, to fill in the missing pieces of energy in your life.

Crystals are used since 1000's of years by humans for various purposes. Like protection, energising, giving courage, removing fears, bringing more love, taking on spiritual path positively etc. Crystals are not stones, they are living entities who are just lying stagnant so that you pick them up and tap into their infinite potential.

Details about this course, you'll learn - 
- how to recognize real and fake crystals
- about several crystals and their energetic properties
- methods of cleansing, purifying and charging crystals
- how to use the right crystal
- crystal elixirs and potions
- crystal grids
- crystal talismans and more
(all stuff taught here will be positive, and nothing is demonic or evil), we will be using it only for positive intentions.

This course is an intensive course of 12weeks where you will learn all of the above described curriculum, theoretically as well as practically. If you want certificate, then you will have to submit any 1 assignment that is given at the end of every lesson

Lessons will be in video format, you will get a pdf starter file. You will not get any crystals with the fees you are paying. You will be given a list of crystals and other implements you'll need for this course.

Price Online - Rs. 7700/-
Price Offline - Rs. 12999/-
Duration - 12 weeks, video course.
Language - Hindi or English.

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