Tarot Mastery Course

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Tarot Mastery Course Details (in English)

Tarot Mastery Course Details (in Hindi)

Tarot Mastery Course

Be a Tarot Reader, give valuable guidance for a successful life, help people improve their lives... 
If you are a student, housewife, have a job/ business, retired then you can learn Tarot reading and earn a side income. Or just learn tarot to help your friends and family.

Priti has been practicing Tarot since past 14+ years. She is certified Tarot Reader, Certified Angel Tarot Reader from Hay house Australia. Certified Master Numerologist, Certified NLP Trainer, Certified Life Coach etc. Her mastery in tarot has made her very popular online and she has done Tarot Readings for people from various countries like India, USA, UK, Canada, Abu Dabhi, Dubai, Qatar, Singapore, Australia, Russia, Pakistan, Emirates, Malaysia,  Nepal, and many more.

This workshop has very limited seats, as delivering 100% value is very important to her.
You will be able to confidently begin doing readings after her online/ offline program, that's her promise.

If you are 10+ people wanting to learn Tarot, then you can also request a Workshop to be conducted at your city.
Just write to us at soulspurpose.net @ gmail.com 

You interested in learning? This Course opens only few times a year. Im is interested in giving value to people and teach Tarot perfectly. So this course has strictly very limited seats. 

What you'll learn? 
- You get to learn introduction of Tarot Reading
- Tarot Card Meanings
- Tarot Symbols and what they mean
- Technique to personalise your Tarot deck, to help bring perfect guidance from your Deck.
- Getting to know your Tarot Cards
- Intuition development
- Reading methods.
- Spreads
- Timing with Tarot
- Practical Readings with people
and a lot more....

Ive been Reading Tarot since 2005..

How much time is required to learn Tarot?
This is a 5-day Offline/ in-person course or 12 week online course, where you will be learning all techniques to read Tarot. But to master it so that you can guide people accurately you will need to practice it regularly once the course is complete.

Will you be able to do readings after the course finishes? 
Yes, you will be able to do readings after the completion of the course.

Is there any food & refreshments included?
Yes, 2days morning breakfast tea/coffee, lunch and evening tea/coffee included

Will you be able to professionally read tarot immediately after completion?
You will be able to do readings, but to do it professionally I would suggest that you first practice for a few months and then once you get confident you can go professional.

How are the online lessons available? 
Online lessons are available in video lessons, every week you get one lesson.

What language is this course in?
This course is available in Hindi as well as English language. You have to decide beforehand which language before registering. Once you have paid, language cannot be changed. If you want to check language watch videos, to see how easy is it for you to follow my hindi or english.

What materials will be given with Online Tarot Mastery Course?
No materials are provided with Online Tarot Course, you have to purchase your own Tarot Deck. You will be getting a Tarot Starter which will give you all details about materials and how you have to prepare for the course; once you Register for the course. 

Includes Certificate of Completion

Online Course Price - Rs. 29,999/-
Discounted Price - Rs. 10,999/-

For online Tarot Mastery course

Includes Certificate of Completion

Disclaimer -All payments are non-refundable. If you select an online course, you need to finalize your language before purchase. As after purchasing, there wont be any cancellations because of wrong language choice. 

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