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Healing - 

Welcome to Healing Mind, Body and Soul. I am not into healing since past 7 years. But yet I know you might need healing for some or the other purposes. So I have someone here who is very good at healing since past many years.
He is an amazing healer, his name is Mr. Mohan Joshi. He is from Mumbai. Do check out his website here

If you need any healing then please get in touch with him. 

Mr. Mohan Joshi can be contacted
+91 750 626 2009
+91 702 104 6480

Please call from Monday to Friday, between 10am to 5pm. Healing time and all other details can be fetched once you contact him.

Any queries about Healing should be asked on the above contact details of Mr. Mohan only.

Buying Crystals - 

If you want to buy healing crystals then I know somebody who provides genuine crystals. Which are not dyed or treated. I have been buying crystals from him since past 9yrs and I have never been disappointed by the quality of crystals.

Make sure you call during office hours 10am to 5pm and business days Monday- Friday.

Mr. R. J. Shah +919820013832

Any queries about crystals should be asked only on the above Crystal dealer's number.

Note - The picture of crystal here is just for illustration purpose, actual crystals will be different coloured and shapes.

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