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Monday 16 March 2020

Stay Indors, Stay Safe (COVID Related)

Friends please stop regulating just any crap thats forwarded on Whatsapp and Facebook about Corona Virus. COVID and other stuff I know is important to stay in loop and on track of whats happening. But in that sense a lot of unnecessary stuff is being regulated.

Refer to WHO Website for Real info or follow Govt Recognised Website's information. Stay Indoors, Stay Safe.

Start Learning Online Instead to make the most of this Free Time!

I have seen a lot of Crap going around on Whatsapp and Facebook. While these platforms are built to keep us connected to our near and dear ones and share important information. Its also noted that there's a lot of crap that goes around on these networks. 

Stay safe from all such crap. Refer to only Recognised websites and Institutes for Corona related information. 

See WHO Website - SEE HERE

See Govt Recognised Website - SEE HERE 

Travel Safety Instructions - SEE HERE

My Advice is to stay indoors as much as you can, and start making the most of this time of seclusion, start learning online courses. Stay well secluded from public places and keep yourself clean and sanitised. 

Start Learning Now -

Register Now -

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