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Meditation for Relaxation & Rejuvenation

Hello, I am so glad that you stopped by, and I would like that you have something from me. Before you leave. Its not that everyone stops and gives their valuable time to visit and read somebody's hard worked website.
You halted and went through my website, so I would like that you have a meditation created by me. I have put my best efforts into this meditation.

This meditation will help you to Relax, and make your mind calm and positive. This meditation can be done daily. And its not necessary that you have to have a super spiritual place to do it. You can do this meditation on your home couch, office chair or on a public bench while waiting or while commuting.

I have put it up in two languages, English and Hindi. Download whatever is comfy with you. Once you start following it for a couple of days, I would love to know your feedback.

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