Angel Connection Course

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If you'd like to know details about how to Connect with Angels, then check out HERE.

Angel Connection can be tricky for a lot of people. I too faced problems initially, and thought that Angels are just not listening. And so I made this course just to make things easier for you.

Angel Connection doesn't require you to be from a specific religion or follow a cast or creed. Angels give their help non-denominationally.

Here are the details of the course

This course will help you to....
Connect with your Guardian Angels
Connect with Archangels
Connect with Ascended Masters(Jesus/ Krishna)
Learn to get help from Divine world
Learn to differentiate to whom you are connected.
How to know when you accidentally connected to a Spirit.
Using Crystals to strengthen your connection.
And several other methods to help Angel Connection and to get help with dealing your problems.

Here's a sample lesson from this course - Its not the beginning, in between a random lesson is selected.

Requirements - You don't require anything, you will need to meditate.
What you'll get - Meditation MP3, 12 weekly lessons.

If you want to know about how to connect with Angels, then check this video below.
Angel Connection course whether you take it online or offline, is going to help you connect with your Angel's easily. Plus help connect to Angelic Realms so that you continuously stay tuned to Angelic energy. And you will be able to practically experience Angel Connection.
If you have been finding it difficult to connect to Angels and receive guidance from them. Then this is going to be a wonderful course for your growth.

What you will learn in this course -

  • You will learn various Angels, spiritual and divine beings with whom you can connect to receive guidance and help to improve your life.
  • You will get Angel Attunement, that will help you to connect to the Angel Realm.
  • Learn about different earth Angels and deal with the energy you bring with each, to help improve life.
  • You will receive guidance about how to feel the difference in energy of Angels, Spiritual beings and Divine beings.
  • You will learn to connect with Angels and receive answers to your questions
  • You will learn how to connect to your Guardian Angels
  • How to use crystals to strengthen Angel Connection?
  • And a lot more, to help you practically connect with Angels.
  • Automatic writing
  • Charging with Angelic Energy 

What you will get with this course?(You get materials only with Offline course)

  • At the end of course, you will be given Certificate of Completion.
  • You will receive a powerful crystal to connect with Angels
  • You will receive Angel Connection manual(e-book format, in case of online course)
  • You will receive MP3 downloadable Angel Connection Meditation.

Do you need to do this course or Angel Attunement to connect to Angels?

No. You don't have to do any course for connecting to Angels. But most of the people find it difficult, and learning it and connecting on your own might be tricky and next to impossible to most of the people.
Angels are divine beings, and so they are at a very high vibration then from where you are. And they are very divine and your mind-set might not be tuned in to that much frequency. And so connection might seem impossible. And all sorts of questions might arise from your mind that "Angels are not listening to me", "Angels are not answering me" etc.

Have I really connected to Angels?

I always practice and Teach only the stuff that I have personally experienced. For a lot of people who are very practical, and not spiritual things like this might boggle them. And accepting divine connection with Spiritual world might seem like a hocus pocus. But where the materialistic world comes to a halt, where the problems seem not to find a solution from the materialistic dimension, there is always a solution for it in the metaphysical world.

Do you have to be from a specific Religion inorder to connect with Angels?

No. You can be a follower of any religion. This course can be easily done, with your faith and beliefs.
Price Offline- $549 Rs. 22999/- for Offline course, all materials and crystal included.

Price Online - $197 Rs.12,900/- 

** "Pay Now" button for net-banking or credit/ debit cards. Indian Residents**
**"Add to Cart" button if are out of India, pay securely by Paypal.**

Online Course, only e-materials included. You will be sent list of links where you will be able to purchase the materials. And manual will be in e-book format.
To pay OFFER Price contact me on

Duration - 12 weeks online, 2 full days offline.
At the end of course, you will be given Certificate of Completion.
No Refunds will be initiated, once the purchase is done. As the course will start processing and lessons will be sent to you from the 1st week itself.


  1. maine reiki initiation ki hai ... to muze angel connection ke liye fir se initiation lena padega ?

    1. Angel attunement alag hota hai, lekin compulsory nahi hota. Iske bina bhi aap Angel connection kar sakte ho

  2. Mam, can I pay by western union. Because when I going to pay by your this way , it's making problems.

    1. if you are out of India you can use paypal option.

    2. you can leave your email id, I can send you invoice via paypal

  3. I've seen you quite alot time on prophet 666. @Unknown.

  4. Hi,
    In any course online...will i be able to access the vedios even after 1 year.. loke if i want to refer back again.
    The completion certificate is by whom?? Like ISO certification or else

  5. the access is for a year, you can access as many times you want within a year.

  6. Angel Card reading is included in this course?
    Which city is this offline course & how often. Plz send me details

  7. Kya really Angels SA contact hota hai y fake ha

  8. What will be d next step after I do the payment for online course....when will I receive d videos?