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Why I am not a Vegan anymore?

If you are here on my website, then you are surely into spirituality stuff searching for Tarot, Angels, Kundalini, Meditation and stuff alike. Welcome, I have an important update to share with you.
As you might be knowing or maybe you are totally new to this, I was a Vegan and used to follow a strictly vegan diet. For two reasons, first Im a strong believer in non-cruelty eating and then my lactose intolerance. Im allergic to Dairy products which makes it easier for me to turn Vegan.

I am following Veganism since past five years, since 23rd September 2013 I turned vegan. But as you may or may not know, its a diet that doesnt suit just everyone. I too started experiencing changes in my body. Which I felt were normal, until now where I feel something is terribly wrong with this diet and me. Vegan diet doesn't bring essential nutrients that only animal based products can bring. Which I now realise. And just because I being allergic to Dairy products, I cannot help myself from the only option left to me i.e. non-vegetarian products. Which might be a rescue for me.

I gave up Veganism since May 2018, but then felt guilty as again switched back to being vegan in September 2018. But now I again feel the necessity of animal products, which makes me take this decision for now, to not stay vegan. I will be consuming animal products excluding dairy. Which makes me a meat eater.

I am clearing this just in case for you to know, as I have been mentioning in my spiritual courses about the benefits of staying vegetarian. I know spiritually its really beneficial, I will definitely become a vegetarian again in future. But not now, when my body is craving for nutrition. I know food supplements are also an option, but at times having nutrition come from your food is more beneficial then swallowing a supplement.

Plz Note - I wouldnt have changed this diet if there was ample vegan stuff available in India. I know amazon does list few things, but you cannot find totally vegan food chains in India. And with day to day busy schedule, I cannot get into preparing meals from scratch daily. I know vegans dont like this, and consider this as a sin, cruel behaviour towards animals.

I do clarify here, I am not having meat/ eggs for fun and partying. I have only limited quantity just to satisfy the daily nutrition amounts. Its easy to criticize and poke at people when you have ample of vegan options around, but for India where people who cannot a dairy allergy, is difficult to stay vegan.

So before you get into a spiritual journey with any of my courses, I just wanted you to know this.

Love you


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