Monday 1 May 2023

Chakrapur Level 2 Class


Enter the Inner Land of your Energy Vortices 

👉🏻10 Day Practical Program for Working on Chakras and Opening them Permanently. 

May 11th to 20th. Live + Recorded Sessions. Program in Hindi

10pm to 11pm

👉🏻This is not a Theoretical program, it’s Practical. Designed Especially for the one’s who want to Focus on Opening charades Permanently. 

👉🏻Age Limit 18+ . Psychologically healthy people can Participate. 

What you’ll get 

  • Shaktipaat tools 
  • Recorded Sessions + Live Sessions. Recordings after Live Sessions. 
  • Daily Shaktipat, time will be given you have to sit for meditation at that time. 
  • Telegram group Support. 
  • Kundalini Awakening + Chakra Opening. Accurate time for opening cannot be given, but Kundalini will guaranteed awaken with this Shaktipaat. Chakra opening takes time. 

Last Date to Register - May 5th 

For Details & Registration go to Website

Fees - Rs. 25,999/-Rs. 1,99,999/- or $1999 USD

Get Diksha Tools kit FREE

This Diksha will be Lifetime Diksha. Tools will be useful throughout life. Shaktipat will help Awaken Kundalini and Open Chakras one by one. 

Who should not participate in this Program? 

Anybody who has Serious Psychological Issues, and severe health Problems. If you have minor health issue it is ok. 

🪷Register here - 

You can Register by Gpay or Paypal 

paypal email - 

Gpay Details

Terms & Conditions 

1. These are the Charges applicable for Kundalini Shaktipat/ Chakrapur Level 2 since August 2023. If you have any other link for Chakrapur Level 2 or Kundalini Shaktipat then they will not be valid from August 2023. And in that case Payments will be refunded. But Charges given here are Revised rates and only they will be considered valid!
2. By Appearing for Kundalini Shaktipat and by paying the Fees means you Agree to the No Objection Policy for this Program. We will not be liable for any energy blockage that might open during Shaktipat. Neither we will be responsible for any physical, mental or spiritual problem that may arise after the Shaktipat. 

*All Payments are non-Refundable, all Energy Shifts are non-reversible. Chakras once opened, cannot be closed again. 

Frequently Asked Questions - 

1. Who can take this Program?
- Anyone who is Psychologically healthy can take this program.

2. Is Chakra Opening/ Kundalini Awakening Dangerous? 
- No it is safe. You will be given guidelines and Disciplines to follow. 

3.What will the Diksha kit contain?
- Diksha kit has tools that will stay with you for life. It will help you download the shaktipat energy and regulate it in your system. Shakti kit is for people within India only. 

4. Will you need more Shaktipat in future? 
- If you want shaktipat, you can again apply. But this program will give you everything for a complete kundalini awakening and Chakra Opening.

5.In how much time will my chakras open?
- chakra opening is a journey of lifetime. It can take a few months to years for chakras to open. You will have all tools necessary for you to last for lifetime. 

6. After Chakra opening, will I loose all maya? Will I not love my family?
- Maya and Love are two different things. People do wrong things for family because of maya. And Right things for the Bond of Love. You will be able to shake off all ties with Maya/ Illusion. Your love for your family will strengthen after maya disappears. 
Maya is all the negative emotions, that we act out impulsively with during times of need. 

7. Will all my problems end after opening all Chakras? 
- Human life is meant to have challenges, that will help your soul to grow. So problems will not end after chakra opening. But you will be getting over maya, so that will give you relief. As majority of shallow issues, you'll be over with. 

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