Tuesday 21 March 2023

Chakrapu - in Hindi


If you have been always working beyond your energy and yet getting Unnoticed for all efforts you put in, then you need to Start Working on your Chakras. To Unlock your Hidden Potential.  

Date - 
21st to 25th April 2023
Time - 10pm to 11pm IST 

(Practical + Theory)

5 Days Program to help you to Learn about Chakras Inside out, and get yourself Ready for Chakra Opening Journey

✅ Helps you get all Knowledge about chakras and Chakra Opening 

 Powerful Chakra Meditation 

 FREE Chakra Crystal Kit 

 Certificate of Completion 

Price Rs. 14,999/-

Discounted Price - Rs. 799/- 

(All Payments are non-Refundable, all Energy Shifts are Irreversible)

Your Chakra Kit Contains 

(7 Powerful Chakra Stones)

Note - These Powerful Crystals will help you to Balance, Energise and Open your Chakras. Chakra Opening is Irreversible Process. So this can help you bring Changes forever for your Life


1. Send your Full Address during making the payment. If you fail to give correct Address or Pincode, we will not be sending another kit. 

2. Participation in this Program doesn't guarantee Chakra Opening, your Chakras will open according to your Spiritual Progress.) 

3. All Payments are non-Refundable. All Energy Shifts are Irreversible 

4. Chakra Kit will be non-exchangeable. Stones will be well checked before dispatching to assure you get a Good Quality Package. 

5. If your chakras open, we will not be able to shift and reverse the opening process. 

6. Chakra opening Process is Safe, there maybe some Catharsis some may experience. Which doesn't mean everybody will have such experiences. If you have such experiences then Time & Meditation will only help you Relieve the symptoms. 

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