Tuesday 1 February 2022

Power of Silence

How to know Right from Wrong? 

Do you take decisions and regret later just because you did it all wrong? and do you want to know how to always be right? Watch this video now... 

Hindi https://youtu.be/-XnVIDI2M1w 

English https://youtu.be/Snkrs8V2eYY 

#right #wrong #howtoknow

Power of Silence 

Do you have the habit of talking a lot? People who talk a lot have the tendency to leak out important secrets, or just talk rubbish that might actually ruin your image. Check out these points why Silence is important

Hindi https://youtu.be/4bA9CfBCBXQ 

English https://youtu.be/-LR4U3S0xFA 

#powerofsilence #silence #isgolden #quiet #introverts 

Pick a Card: Get Answer to your Question(Timeless) 

Do you have a question that you cannot ask to others, but want to know its answer? Check out this pick a card reading and see what is the answer to that question. Focus your attention on all the options and select one option that pulls your attention… 

Hindi https://youtu.be/lSa9S464-qA 

  1. Orange Flower - @2:09, 2. Tape - @11:57, 3. White Flower - @17:47, 4. Bottle - @24;00 

English https://youtu.be/34CBKNaLYw8 

  1. orange flower-  @2:10, 2. Tape - @10:08, 3. White Flower @15:41, 4 Bottle @20:50 

#pickacard #tarot #reading #questions #answer #pritu #soulspurpose 

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