Saturday, 2 May 2020

I am not here to Prove anything to you!

You maybe aware that I am a YouTuber and create videos to give knowledge about Spiritual Subjects. Also when I say Spirituality, you know "its complicated"

So I had to write about this to clear your Doubts, just in case you had one.

Im also not here to prove that Angels and Archangels are safe. I am not here to prove that they're dangerous. If you believe, Great! Keep Following, if you don't believe in them. Still Great, keep believing in whatever you want to. I am not interested in having a Convo with you to help you convince that Angels exist or that you won't be calling up a Devil if you connect with Angels.

Also I don't want to convince anybody in this world that I can connect to Angels! Well if you believe it, then take it. Else leave it.  A lot of times when I don't give explanation, for the one's who are skeptic can very obviously say,... "oh see, she cannot prove it... because she cannot connect..."

Well I get that too, but I am not here to prove to anyone that I can connect to angels.

Also one more dark and gloomy thing about connecting with Angels is that connecting with them, might accidentally bring Dark Forces or Evil Spirits to you. If you have not called them correctly.

I believe that whatever you believe falls true, so if you believe Angels can bring Dark forces you're probably right. So please don't email me for that, Im not here to convince every one of you that Angels are safe. If your Karmas are not Dark, Angels wont be Dark. If your Karmas are Dark... most probably.... Your Angels... ahem ahem...

Well let me tell you there's nothing wrong with Angels, its about your Karmas.
So in that case there's nothing EVER WRONG with Chakra Opening, Kundalini, Angels, Archangels or Meditation. Any of these or all of these MIGHT open your Karmic Baggage, which might lead to Negative Circumstances.

But not Calling Angels, Not calling Archangels, Not opening Chakras, Not awakening the Kundalini or not doing Meditation WILL ALSO lead to opening of your Negative Karmic Baggage.

So in that case what's wrong with Meditating? or with connecting with Angels or Archangels? or awakening Kundalini? Well nothing is wrong with it...

If anything that's wrong, is the FEAR or bringing Negativity in your Life. Remember life is a play of Positive & Negative energy. So no use of Freaking out of Negativity.

Once you read this you should understand the answers to all your Doubts and Queries about Angels, Meditation and Kundalini. I never go chasing anyone to convince that "hey take up my course", "there's nothing wrong with connecting with Angels". I am not used to getting down to my knees to get you to buy stuff from me. If whatever I have given here, pleases you get into my courses. If you are dead scared of Negativity, then maybe you should stay away from.... ahem ahem...

Well Life itself never promises to be always Positive, then how are you gonna avoid bad stuff to happen to you.

This is why I always advice people to Tie themselves up indefinitely with the Divine. This atleast will give you the strength to endure anything.

So just chill, life isn't always the way it seems. And Difficult things are not as Deadly as they are told by some freaky people. You ought to trust in Life, because that's the only choice you have!

I lately have been getting a lot of emails, comments and queries even on my Facebook page, Insta etc. Well I actually appreciate you taking the time and effort to leave your valuable comments.
What I have also seen is a few comments and remarks that are provoking, negative, critical or totally disrespectful. Well at times I do let it go thinking that person must be going through some tough phase. And is throwing the anger upon my video/ blog. But its not acceptable all the time.

Well if you are someone who likes to drop hateful or critical comments on videos and websites please think twice before doing that. There are humans behind videos and websites.

Also if you feel that leaving a irritable remark about my knowledge might stir me up to accept your challenge or confront you to prove my knowledge! then too you're wrong.
In that case I will accept my failure in front of your rudeness. Because I am not made of that fabric! and So I cannot stand it.

If you are interested in my videos and knowledge that I give, I would like to have people like you visit more on my website, videos and check out the amazing videos that I have created for you.  It takes time, effort to create all this. And your time and effort of stopping by... helps me feel my stuff is valuable. Thanks and keep doing it.

I will see you some other time!

bye for now

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