Wednesday 13 May 2020

Deaths of Young people, Shocking as it is.. But how to avoid this from happening?

I have recently come across this, very young people passing away at very young ages. And when that happens the first thing that comes across anybody's mind is "what went wrong", or "whats wrong with Life?" "Why this has started happening?". I am here not pinpointing at the unhealthy eating habits of those who have passed away. May their soul rest in peace. But when this starts happening to a number of people frequently, there's definitely some light that needs to be shed on this topic.
And sharing this at somebody's demise might be a pathetic idea, but having this knowledge might actually save lives.

So please read this and share it, and don't share at somebody's demise. It might lead to some different idea in others' minds. 

I am asked this a number of times and here's what I feel is the best answer. I have tried to keep it short and concise as possible. But certain things need to be elaborated to avoid misunderstanding. 

Also don't try to judge the Deaths of people you may know based on this list, this is the help you to keep yourself healthy. While one or more factors might have been responsible for the death of a number of young people.

1. Unconsciously accepted Genetically Modified Food and Additives - 

You might eat food because you believe that "People will sell, and Govt will allow it to be sold, only if its healthy" Well here's the problem.
The food in the market is sold as per the "customer demand" and the affect on health after consumption is kept second. 

Certain food items in your food are Redundant, "they're not food" and so not supposed to be inside your body. But they are allowed, just because there's no proven risk for health. 

These food inclusions involve Artificial colours, artificial flavours, Chemical Fertilisers and Chemical Pesticides etc. All of these have been fearlessly added to foods before, during or after the preparation of the food to keep it intact. Because the customer doesn't accept foods that have less colour, less sweetness or flavour in foods, so these kinds of additives have widely become a part of our foods now. Even when we don't want it.

Non-vegetarian food has Cholesterol but unhealthy practices of producing the chickens is the most deadliest. You can imagine a Chicken thats grown normally in 90-120 days before 30yrs is now available fully grown in 30days... How can that be healthy! Trees that grew fruit after 10-15yrs of growth, are now producing fruits after 2-3yrs.... A lot of Genetic modification goes on in foods to make them produce "quicker". But remember the longer a tree has taken time to produce the fruit,  that tree is going to help you elongate your lifespan. 

This is no lesson to anybody who has passed away, I am just trying to state facts here. And this knowledge is now necessary for all of us. To save our lives!

What can help?

Exercising can help to keep body fit and flush out toxins regularly.

2. Unhealthy Lifestyle Adaptability- 

Your lifestyle has become stagnant, nothing personal. We all have this steady and stagnant lifestyle compared to the heavy physical activity driven lifestyle that we had in past. 
This affects on physical, emotional and mental level. 
And lesser physical activity results into energies not being used, which then wanders around in your system.

And the best definition from my side for this is "Energy not used positively, generally turns into negative energy" And thus starts affecting your system. 

3. BFF with Stress

Stress is the BIGGEST factor responsible for almost any diseases that are taking place now, also there are certain deaths that are occurring without any diseases.... Why? Because of the Stressful factors in life. 
And what are we stressing over? Not earning Millions? or not able to build a castle for our Partner? 
See please don't take this as a remark over the one's who have passed away! I am not criticising their lifestyle, But Criticising the overall lifestyle that we all have accepted as "normal" and are rigorously following it. 
Having a huge house isn't necessary, taking foreign trips frequently isn't necessary to survive, eating in expensive restaurants isn't needed for breathing normally.... 
So don't get depressed over it if things doesn't work out for you the same way how it works out for your friend or colleague.

4. Hocus Pocus left aloof Spirituality - 

Energies on our planet are shifting very fast since past few years, and the present circumstances might be able to make you believe that this isn't a hoax. But its a truth.. 
Energies on this planet are going to support humans of very high Energy. The problem is I saw some very good at heart people pass away, the Reason is that present energies are very stressful and toxic. Toxic enough to melt the toxic people away, and the Good people need to be strong enough to stay resistant to this energy. 
Also in this if any good people go away, its also because they've played their part. And have evolved so much during this time on earth that now they don't need any further evolution. 
So they pass away at higher realms, as their need might arise there. 

While you may have a lot of stuff that you might have kept for entertainment. All these different factors affect each one of you differently. And so I can't say that "this" is unhealthy for you.
TV has been the entertainer for all of us. And what you watch over it is what matters.
If you watch stuff that teaches you a lot of new facts about Death and Life then that too affects your mind.
I know you can't discard this forever because this has become like a necessity for everyone. I am just trying to tell you that don't get unconsciously hooked to it.
To entertain yourself with it is good. But you don't need hours of entertainment everyday. Only a little time with this is good enough to spark up your soul.

6. Negative Planetary Karmic Energy - 

Honestly there's so much going on our planet right now that good souls and good people actually are the most sensitive towards it.
But see the irony of life, we need "good people the most" at such dire times and they are the one's who are leaving because of this cathartic energies moving around.
Inorder to understand the energies of the planet, you need to watch this video I have shared earlier. To know what exactly I am talking about.

I had made a video on the Energies of the planet, you might be interested in watching it...
Go ahead and watch it here...
Its titled as if God and Angel's Exist why do we have Problems -

Hindi Video -

English Video -

7. The Most Obvious Reasons... Because it was Time for them to go! 

Out of all the other reasons I know this is the most True, it was their time to leave. Because no death happens if a person isn't supposed to die. So When its the time for somebody to Go they'll go.

And as unjust as it might sound for a Young person, still the truth remains as it is. Because it was time for them to Go they went away!

God Bless you with all strength if you are Grieving for any near & dear one. I too have seen my Dad's death, which was sudden unexpected and unaccepted for a long time. But things happen at the right time, people leave at the right time. God is always kind to all of us, and he showed extra kindness by taking a person away from suffering by calling them to his Heaven!

These are the major reasons that I feel are responsible, and one or more reasons might be the trigger. But there might be more to this, let me know if you have something more to share on this.

Also share this with all young people to help everyone stay aware of this.

Please don't take this as a critical remark or pigeon-holing over somebody's death. Seeing a number of young people die definitely inspired me to write this. But we are not here throwing any blame of unhealthy lifestyle over anyone. We are all a part of unhealthy lifestyle, and that can be changed by awareness and conscious effort to change it.

Thanks for reading this. Will see you again in Future!

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