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Commonly increasing Heart Problems, need some extra thought...

With an increase in Heart problems nowadays, there is a huge panic and people give in to costly complicated surgeries. But think about this 30-40yrs back there were few heart problems. Very few people got blockages. 
There's definitely more going into it, just check out this video by Do. B.M. Hegde 
This is what a Genuine Doctor will advice. And not scare you of death if you question the Surgery!

Do make sure you watch this video before getting any surgery. I don't want to put a label on entire Medical Industry. We do have good doctors even now, who work for the welfare of Humanity, And always give real advice. But there are people who have made this a "business" and will scare you of Death if you choose not to have a surgery. 

Honestly I also have made spirituality my business, but I don't try to drag people into it. You always have a choice whether you want to choose my services or not. I never say "if you don't get a Reading from me, you'll be doomed for life!" 

Video about Blocks in Arteries etc 

Certain problems that arise in the Human Body are a result of the food that we are eating now. In olden times we knew this proverb 

"You become, what you eat

And because of this, you've to be careful of what you put inside your mouth. But with the progress of TV and Media, people have developed a habit of accepting foods without questioning their quality. 

Non-vegetarian food has been consumed since 1000's of years, and a healthy animal was consumed inorder to bring that kind of health back in the eater. But today with the growth of Broiler industry, Chicken that is from a Broiler breed is the most unhealthy. See this is a snapshot taken from Wikipedia, do read it. I will place a link to the entire article on Wikipedia. Do check that out for sure. 

Check the full article here

I know I try to talk about this often because I feel there's a lot of crap thats going around in food stores, labelled as "food or healthy" but very less people really have the welfare of their customer in mind. 

Do you know you can keep your Heart healthy?

Heart needs to be kept healthy, how to need to care for your hair and skin. Same thing applies to your heart as well. Your heart is a muscle and laws about muscles apply on it as well... Inorder to keep your heart healthy there are certain things you need to remember... 

1. Omega 3 Fatty Acids - 

Perhaps this is the NECTAR for your heart and inorder to keep your heart healthy, and you want to keep cholestrol in check; then you need to take a constant intake of Omega 3 Fatty acids. They can help prevent Heart disease and help manage if you have existing heart issues. 

Omega 3 are found in Fish and highest is found in Salmon. If you are from India then we call Salmon "Bangda" 

Also remember eating fish is good, but how to prepare it also affects the quality of Omega 3 in it. Boiled or Roasted Salmon almost keeps the omega 3 content intact, but frying definitely deteriorates the amounts of it. 
Also be careful Indians have habit of "tadka" in foods, which also might include doing it for fish recipes. Tadka has oil that has reached smoke point, and this oil will loose all its minerals and nutritive qualities in it. And will turn into trans-fat that also add to the blockage of arteries along with cholesterol. 

If you don't like daily intake of Fish, you can include a regular intake of Omega 3 Capsules. These are fish oil capsules. 

2. Omega 3 for Vegetarians 

And if you are vegetarian you'd probably not like to hurt the fishes! So its fine, you can still keep your heart healthy by taking plant based Omega 3 options. 

Flax Seeds are really good vegetarian option for Omega 3. Also be careful in India I have found people try to roast it to make it more crispy and palatable. But that will burn off the oils in those seeds. The same oils for which you are consuming the seeds.
So try to sun-dry them if they have caught humidity. As these seeds cant be easily chewed when moisture led.

Another option for Vegetarians is Chia Seeds, chis seeds has a number of other benefits also apart from having a good store of Omega 3 fatty acids. They are loaded with fibre, good for weight loss, also has high amounts of anti-oxidants. They're hard to be missed. They look very much like the Subja seeds/ Basil Seeds/ Tukmaria but they are different then them. They are greyish coloured and take longer to get soaked in water. 

3 Exercise - 

I know this might sound like your old granny nagging you, to stop getting immersed into TV or mobile and get to do some physical exercise. Keeping the body healthy and flexible is necessary. Definitely if you already have some heart disease, then you must consult your doctor before beginning any exercising routine. 

Imagine a man who hurt his hand, really bad. Got a fracture and put on plaster for 6months to help that bone heal. After those 6months, will that man be able to do the usual work with his hand like what he used to do before? No... Why because his muscles are not tamed for that. His muscles remained steady for long and it will take him time to get his muscles used to the normal routine push and pull... 

The same thing applies to your heart as well. Your heart is a Muscle, and if you don't exercise you might end up making the muscles of heart weak. That can even take little pressure!! No wonder sometimes people just collapse with little pressure or stress! 

To keep your heart healthy its important you exercise, in a way that increases your heart beat. This is a lengthy topic so Im not explaining it here. You can check the topic of CARDIO EXERCISES/WORKOUTS. 

And if you don't like exercises then you can indulge into physical works across your house. It can be cleaning work, sweeping, swabbing, washing clothes with hands and brush, washing car etc. These are some regular chores that need to be done and when you do them they involve some muscle power too. Yeah don't do with a automated swabbing machine! then the machine is getting the workout!!

If you can go one notch further then you can also work on your farm, wash your animals, take your dog out for long walks etc. Which are also very good workouts.

Remember these Exercises will be effective, ONLY WHEN done regularly! Else Ive seen people boasting of doing some heavy workout on "that day", which has just become a history!

4. Good Cholesterol and Bad Cholesterol - 

Now I am at a point here where Im teaching you all about Heart care, and I don't intend to confuse you. But there are two types of cholesterols, LDL and HDL's.

LDL is Low Density LipoProteins which is considered as the BAD CHOLESTEROL.

And then there's 
HDL, its High Density LipoProteins which is considered as the GOOD CHOLESTEROL.

Now the interesting bits begin, the GOOD cholesterol can help reduce the BAD cholesterol. 

HDL's are found in a variety of nuts and seeds. 

Also remember the raw form of the nuts and seeds will have the highest amounts of HDL's and the more you fry, roast them will loose those essentials oils in that nut. 
If you want to read in detail about the HDL's then go here, 

1. Read this about HDL's - CLICK HERE
2. How much HDL to consume - CLICK HERE
3. Foods to boost HDL's - CLICK HERE

5. Salt in Control - 

Salt, ie Sodium makes your nerves less flexible. And so with blockages when the blood pumps into heart; with hard nerves it might be more risky for the heart to get into a attack mode.

Salt intake when less helps to keep nerves flexible and "stretchable or rubbery" if that makes sense. Helps to broaden the nerve while circulation if pressure increase and less the risk of heart disease.

Well Im no expert at this, the language Ive used will be easily telling you that. Go here to read in detail..

Salt and its dangers - CLICK HERE

6. Stress -

The Biggest Reason for Heart Disease! If you don't have Heart problems, blockages or any other heart related disorders. And still Stress can cause a Heart Attack.

Stress can be relieved by Meditation Practice, Exercise(yes Again), Deep Breathing, and avoiding unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy people, Praying etc.
You can check Free Meditation here - CLICK HERE
Why do you get struck by Stress? - CLICK HERE
If you have Karmic Issues, then Past Life Regression can help - CLICK HERE
EFT Procedure can also help Release unwanted Stress and trauma- CLICK HERE
How to Destress - CLICK HERE

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My Final Words on this, do see a Doctor. Im not saying all doctor's are bad. there are some really good doctors, but don't get panicked! A Doctor can help you better when you stay calm!

Leave your comments and let me know your thoughts on this article. Do share with as many people as you can!

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