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Commonly increasing Heart Problems, need some extra thought...

With an increase in Heart problems nowadays, there is a huge panic and people give in to costly complicated surgeries. But think about this 30-40yrs back there were few heart problems. Very few people got blockages.  There's definitely more going into it, just check out this video by Do. B.M. Hegde  This is what a Genuine Doctor will advice. And not scare you of death if you question the Surgery! Do make sure you watch this video before getting any surgery. I don't want to put a label on entire Medical Industry. We do have good doctors even now, who work for the welfare of Humanity, And always give real advice. But there are people who have made this a "business" and will scare you of Death if you choose not to have a surgery.  Honestly I also have made spirituality my business, but I don't try to drag people into it. You always have a choice whether you want to choose my services or not. I never say "if you don't get a Reading from me, you&

Deaths of Young people, Shocking as it is.. But how to avoid this from happening?

I have recently come across this, very young people passing away at very young ages. And when that happens the first thing that comes across anybody's mind is "what went wrong", or "whats wrong with Life?" "Why this has started happening?". I am here not pinpointing at the unhealthy eating habits of those who have passed away. May their soul rest in peace. But when this starts happening to a number of people frequently, there's definitely some light that needs to be shed on this topic. And sharing this at somebody's demise might be a pathetic idea, but having this knowledge might actually save lives. So please read this and share it, and don't share at somebody's demise. It might lead to some different idea in others' minds.  I am asked this a number of times and here's what I feel is the best answer. I have tried to keep it short and concise as possible. But certain things need to be elaborated to avoid misunderstand

Who is Crazy after you?💘🤪Pick a Card🤪💘

Hindi Video   This video wil give you clues about the person who is crazy after you... just calm yourself down and Pick a Card out of he seven options.. I have used Tarot Cards as well as Oracle Cards to do this Reading . And then see the time stamps and watch for the option you've selected. Time Stamps - 1.Carnelian- 1:32, 2.Sodalite- 7:10, 3.Quartz- 12:41, 4.Angelite- 19:16, 5.Petalite- 24:55, 6.Larimar- 30:15, 7.Seraphinite- 33:25   English Video -   Time Stamps - 1.Carnelian - 1:39, 2.Sodalite - 7:52, 3.Quartz - 14:05, 4.Angelite - 20:13, 5.Petalite - 24:46, 6.Larimar - 29:08, 7.Seraphinite - 33:25   #pickacard #pickacardreading #pickacardreadings # #pickacardreadingtarot  

I am not here to Prove anything to you!

You maybe aware that I am a YouTuber and create videos to give knowledge about Spiritual Subjects. Also when I say Spirituality, you know "its complicated" So I had to write about this to clear your Doubts, just in case you had one. Im not here to prove that I have all the knowledge in the world, I share whatever I feel is important to share. If you believe, Great! Keep Following, if you don't believe in them. Still Great, keep believing in whatever you want to. I can help you learn to Meditate but I cannot help you to open your chakras. Well be very well aware of this, NOBODY in this world can guarantee opening of chakras to you. Yes there are certain processes that can be done during retreats that can help in clearing and powering up your chakras.  Also I can help with Tailor made Hypnosis session specially for your problem/ suggestion. Well let me tell you there's nothing wrong with Angels , its about your Karmas . So in that case there's nothing EV