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How to Prepare for the worst Economical Collapse in history?

Hey guys, Current situation where tons of people are going to loose their jobs, and many have already lost it. There is this burning question that many might have.  I wanted to share this important video from my Online Business Mentor Siddharth Rajsekar with you... Do watch it and leave your comments on the video itself. I want that you take this thing seriously! Its not to create panic, but to create awareness. - Priti  

Can Past Life Regression Erase Karmas? in Hindi

I have been asked this question whether visiting a Past Life would erase all karmas and take away all problems of life. Check this.. what you can actually expect and what not to expect! I see that you are so bothered with life that you quickly want all your problems to vanish. And for that to happen your Past Karmas have to vanish or get null. And your expectations from Past Life can be that it should erase karmas...  Check this video, how much can past life help... Hindi -   English - Past Life Therapy Bookings - Past Life Therapy Course Waitlist - Watch earlier videos on Past Life here -  Is Discovering your Past Life Dangerous for your Present Life? What if you get Stuck in a Past Life and Never Return?   How can Past Life Regression

Corona Situation Tarot & Angel Reading - in Hindi

It was long awaited that I do a reading for this Present Corona Virus situation . I am not giving any affirmations, spells or healing remedies to prevent yourself from this. Because that information can be taken in various ways and altered. Which may result into meaningless rumours.  I am not talking about conspiracy theories or talking about different Religions. We are totally talking about the Spiritual viewpoint of this situation and when it's going to get under control.  If you are a Tarot Reader you might be interested in doing this Reading, I have attached a Corona Situation Reading here - Just download it, do the reading and share your reading in comments below.  See how while doing this reading I bumped into a Card that actually has the Corona Virus Image , this card belongs to a Deck that I created. The image was taken from a website  Hindi -   English -    Leave your