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Stay Indoors Stay Safe

Stop Circulating FAKE News about Corona Virus & this entire situation related to Covid-19 

If you want to know authentic information about Corona and current situation in the world, or in your Country I insist on believing in LEGITIMATE and recognized websites only! 

Watch this full video... 

(W.H.O website)

Search Wikipedia for knowing what exactly Corona Virus is and what it does. 

Search website for current info on Corona Virus Cases in India. 

Stop circulating FAKE news. Check on Google about a news/ cure/ remedy before forwarding on whatsapp or facebook.

The Russia Lions news is fake. Go google these words "russia lions news" and Times or BBC website will tell you the truth.

There is no Cure for Covid-19 and the best thing you can do is 
"Stay Indoors" 
what your Govt is asking you to do. 

Try searching on for 
"corona virus cure" and it will tell you the truth. World is searching and trying to make cures, vaccines for this. 

In such times of panic its important that you dont start spreading news without confirming. I get it that you share because you care, but its important to share REAL news with your family & friends. Rather then sharing worthless info that might misguide them.

Forward this to as many groups and facebook friends as you can. 

Couldn't stop sharing this with you.

- Prituzz

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Legitimate Corona Info Websites -

Get info about latest cases, number of cases -

India Govt Helpline numbers

WHO( World Health Organisation) -

Wikipedia -

Fake News Circulation -

Indian Govt Info about Corona -

World number of Cases with Corona, deaths and seriously affected. Its updated regularly!

Also to Pass your Time in a Positive Way, I have a number of Videos for you. Check out my Videos and blog articles too... 

Ho'Opono Pono - Master Healing Technique that can send out Positive vibrations to the World.

Divine Feminine - As most of the people are saying this situation is Nature's Wrath. You need to check out the Divine Feminine fact. As most of us were busy using our Male sides. The Divine Feminine felt lost and so its striking back this way. To help us Relax and unwind! 

And at last...
I want that you don't loose hope despite of the Current situation. So keep Praying. Pray for yourself, Pray for Others and Pray for the whole world. Especially Pray for all the Political Leaders, that they get strength to handle this situation in the best interest of their country. 
Check out this Video on Angel Prayers.


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