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What if you get Stuck in a Past Life and Never Return?

This is the most feared question that I get before anybody prefers to go under Past Life Therapy process. Check the video for further answers and clarifications. You need to be clear for this, before you undergo a Therapy Session . Hindi - English - Past Life Sessions are designed in a way to bring full satisfaction from the session, you will not know what the outcome is. Also you may not be able to expect the outcome of your Past Life . But when you Regress you are going to find the right energy that helps you settle down issues that require the most attention in your present life. Podcast Link - Subscribe my Podcast - Past Life Therapy Bookings - Past Life Therapy Course Waitlist - What do you think about this? Do you have any more questions? comment below! You may want to check out these earlier posts on this top

Stay Indoors Stay Safe

Stop Circulating FAKE News about Corona Virus & this entire situation related to Covid-19  If you want to know authentic information about Corona and current situation in the world, or in your Country I insist on believing in LEGITIMATE and recognized websites only!  Watch this full video... (W.H.O website) Search Wikipedia for knowing what exactly Corona Virus is and what it does.  Search website for current info on Corona Virus Cases in India.  Stop circulating FAKE news. Check on Google about a news/ cure/ remedy before forwarding on whatsapp or facebook. The Russia Lions news is fake. Go google these words "russia lions news" and Times or BBC website will tell you the truth. There is no Cure for Covid-19 and the best thing you can do is  "Stay Indoors"  what your Govt is asking you to do.  Try searching on for  "corona virus cure" and it will t

Online Millionaire Summit

Get 75% OFF on Online Millionaire Summit tickets...A Digital Marketing Event If you don't market your Business is Definitely going to "die" one day! Get your Tickets  here - Marketing is the most important Factor that acts as a Building block for your Business.  Check this event and Register for it now.  Main Topics covered during this Event would be  Becoming a Millionaire is in your hands, when you have the right key factors to work with in your business. You're surely going to hit the JACKPOT! And Money and Financial Independence can be brought in Abundance.  Dates - April 14th to April 18th  Totally Online Event  Get your Tickets here -

How can Past Life Regression help you?

Past Life regression can help you in several ways, and it has a lot of benefits. Check this video.. to learn what are the different ways Past Life Regression can help you. Hindi - English - Let me know whether this video answered your questions about Past Life Regression . If you would like to have a Past Life Regression Session then go here - #pastlife #pastlifetherapy #pastliferegression #resolve #trauma #unresolvedmemories #karmicpatternmend #prituzz #soulspurpose

Stay Indors, Stay Safe (COVID Related)

Friends please stop regulating just any crap thats forwarded on Whatsapp and Facebook about Corona Virus . COVID and other stuff I know is important to stay in loop and on track of whats happening. But in that sense a lot of unnecessary stuff is being regulated. Refer to WHO Website for Real info or follow Govt Recognised Website's information. Stay Indoors, Stay Safe. Start Learning Online Instead to make the most of this Free Time! Learn more - I have seen a lot of Crap going around on Whatsapp and Facebook. While these platforms are built to keep us connected to our near and dear ones and share important information. Its also noted that there's a lot of crap that goes around on these networks.  Stay safe from all such crap. Refer to only Recognised websites and Institutes for Corona related information.  See WHO Website - SEE HERE See Govt Recognised Website - SEE HERE  Travel Safety Instructions - SEE HE

I am a Millionaire Affirmations

Your mind might have negative programming from environment and perceptions which might stop you from getting Riches in your life. Affirmations will help you refill that space with positive energy and Attract Millions in your life. Hindi - English - Download Free Guide here -   Affirmations Hindi Video -   If you'd like to watch this video in English then GO HERE.   Once you practice the Millionaire Affirmations let me know what changes you are observing into your life. And share them in the comments below.