Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Do you want to work with me?

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Hello, welcome to my site. I am aware that you are here by looking at the title of the blog, and you might be interested to work with me.

I have been getting these queries a lot and you guys have asked me about recommending your book/ product/ service, collaborating with you or sponsoring your products/ services/ programs, providing more exposure to your brand, name, programs, apps etc. I am welcome to sponsors, collabs and recommendations. But I have certain terms and conditions, I know like every other business has them, I too have it.

It might sound mean or disappointing, but believe me terms and conditions are not impossible.

Do check out this video and learn what I expect from you when it comes to working with me.

Hindi Video - https://youtu.be/yXldfCc--Oc 

English video - https://youtu.be/rXBpJp3CAqI  

Once you have watched the full video, and you feel you are ready to work with me. Then go through the below given details as you need to know this, you wont be able to partner with me if you don't fit these requirements. 1. You should have a website or facebook page or youtube channel or podcast- where you are regularly giving FREE CONTENT to your audience. I also do that to help people as not everybody can pay me for my services.
2. You need to have atleast 5 testimonials from your customers, clients who are satisfied by your service.

3. If you have a book or a product or service then you have to send it to me for free. Also even though you send it for free, there are chances that your product or book might not be recommended. If I dont find it worthy to be shared. This rule is set so that I just dont keep throwing one product after another to my audience just so that I am partnering. I want to share valuable content that is going to be useful with people.

Also if your product or book wasn't shared or recommended by me, doesn't mean that its worthless. We all have a personal choice, and me not sharing it just meant that it didn't fit my perspective of a perfect product/book.

4. Sponsoring my videos can also be done, where I will be giving a brief description about your brand, your name, products, etc. This sort of sponsorship would be priced differently based on weekly exposure, monthly exposure, yearly exposure and lifetime exposure.

Also you can get website exposure, youtube channel exposure or both based on your need.

If you would want to connect with me for partnering with me on any of these above parameters then please write to me at soulspurpose.net@gmail.com giving me your website name, brand details, social media links etc, plus how would you like to collab.
I look forward to working with you. Thank you for trusting in me to support your heartfelt work. 

- Let's get together asap

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