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Heart's Voice

Have you heard that listening and implementing what your heart says, is far more better then thinking logically or rationally. Or even better listening to the Monkey Mind?! Well I too have heard this, this word "heart's voice" made my mind wander, as to what it meant... when I heard it first time. But then I started getting this "listen to your heart" as an Angel message , after which I HAD TO, find out what it actually meant. Check out this session here 🎶 To know more stay tuned with Khabri 👉 If you have liked this segment then do follow me, and leave your thoughts in comments. If you feel this can help somebody then #shareit with them. Thank you! TC  


Love बिनशर्ती प्रेम सबसे अच्छा है? - Unconditional Love kyu kabhi accha nahi hota, and Conditional Love kyu kabhi sahi hota hai?! suniye iss segment me.. 🎶 To know more stay tuned with Khabri 👉 Good Morning, have an amazing day! follow  # prituzz  on  # khabri   # inhindi   # soulspurpose   # love


What is Karma , and does it really exist? if you have bad intention, but you never do it… is it still counted as bad Karma ? Check out here.. about more info on Karmas 🎶To know more stay tuned with Khabri👉 Follow me, leave a comment and Share this! Good Morning, Happy Sunday.. 🙂 #inhindi #khabri #app #karma #whatiskarma #prituzz #soulspurpose


May this world Yoga day inspire to start practicing yoga in your day to day life, and attain more peace, bliss, and truth! Happy World Yoga Day !! If you'd like to add Meditation and Yoga into your life its a perfect combination. Check out the Magical effects that Meditation can bring into your life. Meditation can help in manifesting anything you want in life. Do check out this post for sure #Worldyogaday #yoga #eightfoldpath #spirituality #yog

Why your Spiritual Life is Important for Personal Growth?

Translate this page in your preferred language: Personal growth is often defined in terms of achievements that we obtain according to society's standards. For instance, bagging that employee of the year award signals that we are excelling in our field of work. As such, we can say that like a seed; there is growth present in this whole process. But more often than not, our spiritual life is an aspect that is often underappreciated. When people speak of spirituality as part of their personal growth, most of us become awkwardly silent about it. Why so? Isn’t spirituality an important aspect of personal growth? Why is it not being given due recognition then? The problem of Modern Day Spirituality With the advent of anthropocentrism, there has been a major shift in perspectives. People no longer adhered to the notion that there is a great creator who gets to decide where we will be going to after our death. As history proves it, this notion became the

Dharma/ धर्म क्या होता है?

Do you know the real meaning of Dharma? Lot of people are under this impression that Dharma = Religion. Well Dharma is a Sanskrit word that means a lot more deeper than just Hindusim or lslamism. 🎶 To know more stay tuned with Khabri 👉   Do check out this session on Dharma, and let me know in comments how did you like this session. And share this session with friends and loved ones. Will meet you again next time with some more amazing information. Until then bye. #khabriapp #prituzz #dharma #inhindi 


Numbers are everywhere around you, you are not just surrounded by numbers. But you yourself can be DEFINED by numbers . If you cant believe then check this segment of #khabri for #numerology If you want to check in detail then go ahead and watch this, I have created a detailed video on numerology . Go here #inhindi #khabriapp #prituzz #numerology #numbers #life #lifepathnumber

80-20 Principle/ Is your life stuck because of this?

The 80-20 principle is something that applies to almost to every area of your life, and there's a secret how you can decode this law. To help you to make it work for you. Check this segment of 80-20 principle on khabri follow me for more, share this and leave a comment about your thoughts on this. #inhindi #khabriapp #prituzz #soulspurpose #8020principle #lifelaws #universe 

Angel Presence

Angel's presence can be felt in a subtle way, even when you may or may not get any angel connection signs or signals.  Many of you guys have been asking me the reason why they are not receiving any angel signs , the reason is simple. You need to check out this video, to know why you don't receive any angel signs .  Check out this video to know more.. Hindi Video -     If you want to watch this video in English, then check out the English Video here 👇🏻-   If you haven't checked out the video on Angel Signs , Angel Messages and Angel Lights then you need to watch them too.  Like, Comment, Subscribe & Share the love! Have a Good Day! #angelconnection #angelPresence #angel #prituzz #soulspurpose #youtube #video #inhindi #inenglish

Hypnosis, can a hypnotist control you?

Hypnosis is a process to bring up your subconscious mind, to remove negative programming. But, wait! can a hypnotist control you? Check out this session on Hypnotherapy here If you like this session, do follow me on #khabriapp #prituzz #channel #inhindi and leave your comments. I always love to read your comments, and do plz share with as many people as possible.   Have an amazing day and Life ahead  - Priti 

Past Life Regression | राज़ पिछले जनमका

Past life regression is a process that can help you with a lot of things in your life. Past Life regression is a hypnosis process where you are taken into your past memories and made to recall karmas that left negative residue of emotions. To check more in depth about Past life Regression process, go here  To check this segment on khabri app go here - Stay tuned with my channel on #KhabriApp by following me, leave a comment and do share this with others. #Pastliferegression #hypnosis #therapy #prituzz #soulspurpose Will see you again in next article!

Earth Angels

Are you an Earth Angel ? Earth Angels are normal humans, they have special characteristics. And special karma to complete. Check out this video… Earth Angels have an amazing characteristic that I would love to share.. Hindi video -   English video - Good Morning Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share! #Earthangels #inhindi #inenglish #prituzz #pritibkansara #soulspurpose #angelconnection

5 tips on How to Speak Confiedntly! हिंदी में

Do you want to speak flawlessly such that you leave an impact on a person's mind even after you have left? Talking is what everyone does, but to speak with confidence is what stands out. Check out this segment on flawless public speaking . Listen here -   Follow me on #khabri #app and share this as much as you can. #prituzz #soulspurpose #confidence #speaking # public #inhindi If you want to listen to this content in English, then please do leave a comment. If you have any app that does the same for english audios, do let me know in comments. Thank you so much for dropping by, do come back for more! TC.