Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Past Life Regression Therapy in Hindi

Past Life Regression Therapy can be a relaxing and relieving experience. If you feel you have some problems that don't have any root in your present birth, but come from the past. Then certainly they might be, and when you have emotional memories haunting you, you might feel stuck in a life phase.
Check out past life regression therapy, this has helped many release toxic past emotions. 

I have conducted past life sessions for people across India, USA, Nepal, Canada who are qualified people like doctors, teachers, programmers, etc. Distant Past Life session works as good as in-person session. As the therapy session takes place through suggestions that I give vocally.

Check out the video - 

In English - https://youtu.be/KoFvnUJyu_E

Book your Past Life Regression session, here - http://www.souls-purpose.net/p/see-past-life.html

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