Monday, 20 May 2019

Angel Reading for Present Problems

Ive come across very stressful times since past few days, and a lot of people have been reporting me the same. I knew in a second that there's a greater reason behind all this. So I knew I had to do a Angel reading.
Since past few days/ weeks or past few months have been very stressful, traumatising for a lot of us. And there's always a GOOD reason for every bad thing happens, as you know. So let's get into few things why they are happening, and what you are expected to do during this time so as to bring you out of this pit. I have done this Angel Reading to help us all to know what's happening and to come out of this.
This Angel Reading is common for all of us, as we all go through similar sort of situations as we are all on the same planet.
Emotional Drama, Upsets and challenges that have exhausted you, why it happened - 

1. First of all you have been taking all of it to yourself, whereas there is always somebody here to help you. So try to shake off all the drama as if you are responsible for it. Or thinking that you are beign made a victim.
2. Take control over your emotions, nobody else can. You need to master your emotions, make sure you dont let them go off. If they go off, they'll create a mess. If they stay with you, and you use them wisely; they will take you to a place of bliss.
3. Balancing emotional stuff within your relationships is important. Yes things might appear as a roller-coaster. But you are not supposed to go that way from within, you need to sort out things with people and learn to balance your relationships.
Make sure handling relationships, might be something you want to do the least. But taking that into control NOW is what you will appreciate yourself doing in future.

What are you expected to do during this time? as you know that everything happens for a reason, and divine wouldn't let any spec in his eternity move, without a solid reason for making it happen. So let's check what you are expected to do during this time, what's the guidance coming through from the Angels. 

1. First of all this challenging situation warns that you need to look at documents carefully before going ahead and signing them.
2. WITHDRAW from the drama of other's. Other's might have a lot of drama going on, don't make it yours. People have to sort out their own stuff, inorder to learn and grow. You are not supposed to make it yours, feel it on your being and make an enlarged form of it. Have patience for other's around you who might be acting/ behaving/ doing stuff that might be disturbing or unacceptable!
3. Somewhere universe wants us to mess us, and then learn from it and come full circle again with things and people with whom we have messed up. Its not a trick, its a learning. The divine teaches us to separate ourselves from our drama and others' inorder to make us realise we are all on a separate journey where we all learn different stuff. And though we are all separate, we all learn almost the same lessons only at different times.

I hope that this helps you to be at peace wherever you are in your life right now. Shake off the dirt that anyone else is feeling, its not your thing. Neither you owe to them to clean it up. People need to learn to get up from their own mess.
And you need to learn to mind your own business, and me too. So signing off with this little note...

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Hope this reading helps you!
- Priti

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