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Past Life Regression Therapy in Hindi

Past Life Regression Therapy can be a relaxing and relieving experience. If you feel you have some problems that don't have any root in your present birth, but come from the past. Then certainly they might be, and when you have emotional memories haunting you, you might feel stuck in a life phase. Check out past life regression therapy , this has helped many release toxic past emotions.  I have conducted past life sessions for people across India, USA, Nepal, Canada who are qualified people like doctors, teachers, programmers, etc. Distant Past Life session works as good as in-person session. As the therapy session takes place through suggestions that I give vocally. Check out the video -  In Hindi -     In English - Book your Past Life Regression session, here - Good Morning, have a nice day! #PastLiferegression #Pastliferegressiontherapy #pastlife #Pastlifes

8 sure-fire tips to Convince people

8 tips on how to convince people, these NLP techniques to help you take your conversation to next level and make the person say yes ! Check out this segment here on khabri app, its in Hindi language. If you want me to create this in English do leave a comment. Follow Me, Share and Comment #KhabriApp #inHindi #Prituzz #soulspurpose #convince #sales #people

5 tips on how to Impress your Boss?

Want to impress your boss but don't know how to do it? Boss is a person who is certainly at a higher post than you, and maybe more educated and well- learned then you. So how to impress someone who is at a higher level than you. There are some simple tips given here, try to follow them. These tips work really well when you are there for a long-term relationship with your boss . Means when you are going to stay for a longer duration in your company. Check out these tips here. Stay tuned to my channel by following me on #khabriapp #all my sessions on khabri app are #inhindi if you want me to do these sessions in english as well on your suggested channel then please let me know in comments below. Share this with as many people as you can. After all we all need a good place in boss's heart.

World Tarot Day 25th May 2019 Offer

World Tarot Day Offer, Valid till 12am IST 25th May 2019. Get all my readings for 50% discount. Valid if you book today. Agar aaj book karte hai to 31st May 2019 tak use kar sakoge. Book karne ke liye pre-payment karna padega. Is link pe jaiye book karne ke liye, aapko bank transfer ya fir paytm karna padega. Ye reading aapko audio file ke zariye milega, yato whatsapp chat ke dwara. Jaise hi aap payment karte hai, aapko mera email milega jahan aap aapne sawal bhej sakte hai. Aapko jawab email ya audio file ke dwara milega, jo aap pasand karein. Readings monday to friday me milenge. Get all my readings for 50% discount, valid only for today. Use bank transfer method or paytm or paypal to pay. If you book today you will have to use this offer till 31st May 2019. Offer not extendible. Inorder to book you need to make a pre-payment, use any of the packages below. Price - Rs. 999/- for 5 questions or 30mins, or $29 USD Rs. 1999/- for 10 questio