Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Balanced Diet - Does your diet fulfil RDA* Vitamins & Mineral Daily requirements?

We all feel that we are having a balanced diet, especially when you are having home cooked fresh food on daily basis. Life does feel better and healthier with home cooked food. But there's more to it, we need a certain quantity of Vitamins ans Minerals in our diet in order to stay mentally, and physically healthy.

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Check out today's Balanced Diet segment here - Are you actually having a balanced diet?
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Oh yes, one thing I forgot to add in the audio segment, if you want to increase iron on day to day level. You can also cook vegetables in iron vessel for added benefit. And if you choose to take nutritive supplements then you need to also eat food well. As ONLY tablets are NOT going to get absorbed by your body. Body eliminates any supplement tablets that  are taken on an empty stomach taking it to be toxins. As they are in concentrated form.

Here's a list of FDA Approved list of vitamins, minerals and where to get them; in detail then download the list here -

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