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How to make India a Super-Power?

Have you ever wondered that India, your own country why it isn't a super power. And why do we see other countries of the world as powerful? Check out this segment.. Listen here - 🎶 To know more stay tuned with Khabri 👉 For more such amazing stuff, stay tuned to my channel #Prituzz on #KhabriApp and Follow me. #inHindi #SoulsPurposeNet #PritiBKansara 

Exercise Right to stay BRIGHT

Exercising is an important part of life, besides healthy eating. If you just eat healthy, then still you WONT be healthy. So you need to keep one more thing into your fitness and health routine. Which is exercising. Not just exercising, but the right exercising is important. If you are not motivated enough to begin exercising, then this will definitely push you a notch further. Check out this segment here at #KhabriApp #inHindi For more, follow me. And leave a comment about what way you feel is the bestest way of exercising for you. #Prituzz #SoulsPurposeNet #inHindi #KhabriApp #PritiBKansara #Exercise #Fitness #Healthy #RightWay 

Angel Wisdom

Angel Wisdom | How do Angels help? And how they wont!! If you feel Angel's are not helping you for what you've asked, then you might be getting mistaken about how Angel's Wisdom helps us. Check out this video to know more…about angel wisdom . Angel Wisdom knowledge will definitely work for you, if you are keen to work on the path of Angels. In Hindi - In English - Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share... to share the love #Angel #AngelConnection #AngelsHelp #Howcanangelshelp #Prituzz #SoulsPurposeNet #AngelWisdom Have an Amazing day ahead, Angel Blessings!


If you have felt life has been unfair to you, you try your best to do every possible thing to become a success in every area of life. But every time you just loose by a little bit. Human life is destined by what programming you have got from 0-25yrs of childhood. And then rest of your life will be according to that programming. If you would like to change the programming then affirmations is your thing... Check out this segment of affirmations #inHindi on #KhabriApp here - If you'd like to get a more detailed #tutorial on it, then go here to #watch #inHindi Video in Hindi - Video in English -  Life can give you everything that you wish, and you can use Meditation for Manifesting anything you want. Check out this post here about Meditation Manifestation . Do like, comment, subscribe and share this post with others to help them too with Affirmations. Su

Main Bhi Chaukidaar, are you a Desh Bhakt?

Kya aap sacche desh-bhakt hai? agar hai, to fir comments me bataiye aap kya karte hai is desh ke liye. People feel they love their nation to bits, but actions are otherwise. Your actions should be aligned with your feelings for your country. Listen to this segment here - Main Bhi Chaukidaar  🎶To know more stay tuned with Khabri👉    And share this post with as many people as you can, let's see who is a real desh-bhakt. #MainBhiChaukidaar #PM #Modi #NarendraModi #Campaign #BJP #SoulsPurpose #Prituzz #KhabriApp 

5 tips to Smart Parenting

Behaviour problems? Children not listening? Saying no to Mobile & TV is difficult? Want teenagers to take you seriously? Parents are not born with a full manual for “how to” handle their kids. Parenting tips to have your back, to help your kid grow into a responsible accountable person of society. Check out this Parenting training video here... Parenting can be a Joyful journey, when you follow the right steps. Have a lovely day ahead! In Hindi -   If you want to watch this video in English language, then please go here In English - Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share to spread the  <3 # ParentingTips   # ParentingHacks   # ParentingSkills   # ParentingAdvice # SmartParenting   # Tips   # Parenting   # Prituzz   # SoulsPurposeNet   # inHindi # inEnglish

How to make life better?

If you would like to have a better, fuller and a more content life. Then just running after money, name, fame, and a prestigious post in job isn't going to suffice. You need to dig a bit more deeper then that. Check out the latest Khabri segment of #SpiritualSundays for decoding this secret. 🎶 To know more stay tuned with Khabri 👉 #inHindi #KhabriApp #India #Prituzz #SoulsPurposeNet #SpiritualSundays #Life #Better  

Real Food vs Fake Food

Are you eating real food ? or you are fooled by fake food? Body absorbs nutrition from Real Food whereas fake food just makes your body work hard...   🎶To know more stay tuned with Khabri👉 Have a Good day!  Leave your comments and Follow me for more good stuff!  #RealFood #FakeFood #Difference #Healthy #Nutrition #Prituzz #SoulsPurpose #KhabriApp #inHindi

Work from Home

Are you interested in working from Home ? and want to make a decent income out of it? and take care of your Family & Loved one's altogether? Stay tuned to this page. Meanwhile, listen to this audio on #KhabriApp HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY!! I would like to give you this women supportive idea of Working from Home , on this auspicious Women's Day. I have been working from home since years, and it is the most amazing decision I have taken. Listen to this audio, you will have to download the app to listen to it. And make sure you follow me on Khabri, so you get all latest updates.  🎶To know more stay tuned with Khabri👉  If you have not installed Khabri App yet, then go here to download the app first. Then you can enjoy my future audios directly!  #KhabriApp #Earn #Money #HomeBusiness #Prituzz #Youtuber #SoulsPurposeNet #inHindi

Book Recommendation | If only one book you need in life, its this!

Book Recommendation - Which is the one book that I would suggest you to read, if you dont read any other books in life. Check out this video to see the book and how to use it to bring about a positive change in your life. Like, and Share with other’s… Video in Hindi - Video in English -   # Book   # Recommendation   # Prituzz   # Youtuber   # Famous   # India   # Life # Healing   # SoulsPurposeNet