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Meditation HEALS

Meditation is considered to be LIFE HEALING potion, that you consume daily. And yes you never run out of it. The more you do, the more savour the sweet cosmic energy from the universe to help you deal with your day to day issues. Check this video on what is meditation , and how you can start meditating from today itself. I have arranged a free meditation for you, a link to that is given below, you can download it from there. If you'd like to read about how to manifest with Meditation, then go here   English video - Hindi video -                                            To Download Meditation go here - #Meditation #Miraculous #Spiritual #GuidedMEditation #Prituz #SoulsPurpose

Angel Help | Your Common questions answered

If you have been connecting to angels on a regular basis, then definitely you will have questions based on that. Here I have answered most questions for it. Check out and let me know your comments. Asking angels' help wont be that difficult for you, next time . English video  - Hindi video - Like, Comment, Share & Subscribe. Have an amazing day ahead, Angel Blessings! 😇 #AngelAnswers #Whichangelstocalluponfor #health #Wealth #Property #Love #Hair #Healing  

Angel Wish Box

Do you want to bring your wishes come true , and get everything you want in life? This sounds too good to be true right? Well it is easy, with the help of Angels. But it's not that you will get everything you ask from Angels, you have to have a strong desire from your will to bring it into your life. You cannot get what you lust over, but definitely can get what you love!  Angel Wish box can be made or bought. You can manifest your wishes and desires with this tool . Check out the video...  If you'd like to watch this video in English language, then go here. English - Hindi - #AngelWishBox #AngelConnection #DoreenVirtue #SoulsPurpose

Angel Letter

Connect Better with Angel Letter , I have explained many different ways to connect to Angels in past. Out of all these Angel letter is also a very effective way of Angel Connection. Check out this video to see how to connect by writing a Letter. And a lot more…. If you'd like to watch this video in English language, then go watch it here 👇🏻 English video - Hindi Video - #AngelConnection #AngelLetter #Howtoconnecttoangels #doreenvirtue #PritiBKansara #SoulsPurpose