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Angel Altar

Angel Altar is a sacred space for helping you to connect better with angels. Angels will connect more and more as you keep consistently connecting to them from the altar . Check out this video on Angel Altar English -   Hindi - #HowTo #AngelAltar #AngelConnection #SacredSpace #PritiPatel #PritiPatel1 #YoutubeVideoTutorial #SoulsPurpose  

Crystals to Attract Money

If you want to watch this video in English, then go here... crystals-to-attract-money / Crystals can bring you the right abundance mindset .  Having more money in life, then what you have for now, is always better. There are crystals that can help you develop a mindset that can help you to work smarter and in right direction to attract more money that you deserve in life  English-   Hindi -  # AttractMoney   # CrystalTherapy   # Crystals #AttractMoney #Crystals 

Grounding Process : Adding more LIFE to life!

If you want to watch this video in English go here . Grounding is the Spiritual method of staying rooted in this current reality, and help you in centering your energies in the present. Not being Grounded , will feel like-  life is bad, world is bad and nothing is worth trusting, if you have difficult concentrating in the Present moment, if you dwell most of the time in past or future then you need to check this really bad… English- Hindi - #Grounding