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Monthly Tarot Predictions for June 2018

Monthly Guidance for June 2018 Go HERE, for English Videos. Aries -   Hindi Video -   Taurus - Hindi Video -   Gemini - Hindi Video -   Cancer - Hindi Video -   Leo -   Hindi Video -   Virgo -   Hindi Video -   Libra -   Hindi Video -   Scorpio -   Hindi Video -   Sagittarius -   Hindi Video -   Capricorn -   Hindi Video -   Aquarius -   Hindi Video -   Pisces -   Hindi Video -     👍🏽 Like 💬 Comment 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 Share 📮 Subscribe #PritiPatel #soulspurpose #Tarotcardreading #tarotcardreader #vlogsIndianyoutubers #weeklyhoroscope

Angel's and Guides

There is more in this universe then what you can see. Of course reading the title might give you a clue what I am talking about. Angels - Angels are higher beings who are messengers of God. They are directly connected to God and so take your messages to and fro to God. Angels are of many different types. Of what I know there are Angels, Guardian angels and Archangels. They are also the ones who brings God’s answers to your prayers. Archangels - Archangels are above angels. They watch over angels and guide them for their next steps. Guardian Angels - These are your angels. This pair of angels is dominant and Healer in nature. Who are specially assigned to help you throughout your lifetime. And guide you so that you walk according your Soul’s Purpose. Cool facts about Angels - Angels are non-dangerous beings - They are non-judgmental and non-denominational beings - They cannot help you beyond your wish - They will not help you until you ask (ohh

Crystal Therapy

Crystals are naturally available stones, that have different compositions. And every cryatsl is unique. Do you want to learn how crystals work? how to select the perfect crystal for you, then watch this video.. Watch English video here  Hindi video-   If you like this video, then Hit the LIKE button And SUBSCRIBE, and hit the 🔔 to get regular videos like this one! #CrystalTherapy #GemstoneTherapy #Gemstones #Crystals #HealingStones