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Monthly Tarot Predictions for June 2018

Monthly Guidance for June 2018

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Monday, 21 May 2018

Angel's and Guides

There is more in this universe then what you can see. Of course reading the title might give you a clue what I am talking about.

Angels - Angels are higher beings who are messengers of God. They are directly connected to God and so take your messages to and fro to God. Angels are of many different types. Of what I know there are Angels, Guardian angels and Archangels. They are also the ones who brings God’s answers to your prayers.
Archangels - Archangels are above angels. They watch over angels and guide them for their next steps.

Guardian Angels - These are your angels. This pair of angels is dominant and Healer in nature. Who are specially assigned to help you throughout your lifetime. And guide you so that you walk according your Soul’s Purpose.

Cool facts about Angels

- Angels are non-dangerous beings
- They are non-judgmental and non-denominational beings
- They cannot help you beyond your wish
- They will not help you until you ask (ohhh yess!!Don’t complain later on. Ask for help when you need it.)

Guides(spirit guides)

Guides are the souls who were living in this world. Died and moved on to higher dimensions and then came back to guide their loved ones.
Guides are usually loved one’s who have passed on. And come back out of love for their family/ friends.

Cool facts about guides

- They can connect to you very easily, as they are your loved one’s.
- They will connect to you, or nudge you sometimes even if you haven’t asked for their help(this sometimes feels like God’s blessing, as your wishes get fulfilled without asking)
- They can be commanding at times, but they will never hurt you as they still have affection for you.
- They can guide you at your tough times.
- Can give you amazing life-saving solutions. Sometimes they are also known to guide to best paths such that your materialistic needs are met.

How to connect to these beings?

Connecting to these beings is easy. But it might seem tricky at first. You can call upon them thrice. And talk to them. Tell them your problems. And then wait for them to give you answers. This you can do during meditation, or you can do this at bedtime.
What will happen is that you will get messages immediately, or you’ll get messages after coming out of that session or sleep.
Which are the easiest & safest one’s to connect with?
I can say that connecting to any of the spiritual beings is very easy. It just depends on how much you believe and have faith in yourself that you will be able to connect to any divine being.
The problems arises when you connect to the wrong beings. Connecting the right brings is important.

How to connect to Angels?

Angels are easy to connect with. What’s difficult is to understand them. Its because when you know you are connecting to them with some of your most pressing questions and difficult situations. 

Do’s and Dont’s

  Here’s a simple guiding steps some that you need to take and some you  need to avoid. To get the best possible experience.
  1. Ask them about next step, they need your ORDER. They cannot act seeing you in trouble. This is because they are bound by the law of Freewill that humans are born with.
  2. Ask them to help you progress. But don’t ask them to do any negative things with people who are not good to you. You will lock their abilities for an indefinite period(until you realize it and ask them to release themselves from that lock) 
  3. Don’t ask them to do something, like don’t give them all directions and ways for doing your thing. They know things better then you. And can figure out quickest paths to whatever you want to do. 

What to expect?

Now this is pretty much important to know, if you read this entire article and don’t read this part. It will be a total waste. As you will be expecting what you feel is right and not getting it as Angel’s laws are different. Now all these rules and laws are not something that I have made. But they are laws that are given down after connecting to angels through time-tested methods. And with experience I too have felt that these rules really apply.
- The best thing is not to expect anything, while you are asking from the angels. When you ask from the angels you might have certain expectations in your mind. As you feel that’s the best way for you. But that’s not the actual point. You know and expect from your perspective that’s limited to the dimension and mindset that you have. But the angels have a broader vision and they can see the past, present and future. And always have the best and correct answers.

Which messages not to follow?

This is huge. You have to know a lot about angel communication before starting to connect to the angels.
As there are a lot of messages that are going to come through. And not all will be from angels. (yes when you communicate with angels, you intend
to connect only with angels and you might feel how can you get messages other then that.) Because the spiritual world is infinite and there are variety of spiritual beings. All have different traits and all operate with different and unique laws. There have been spiritual texts that talk about a few of them. And the rest still remain unaware. Yes the one’s who are most likely to get connected to earthly beings are written about.
But we are not discussing about all those which are found in spiritual texts. I am gonna share whatever I have tried and tested. And this is not what just I say but Angel experts and spiritual experts all over the world say.

Messages and the best one’s to follow

The guidance that comes to you which makes you instantly feel positive, safe, protected and loved. Is what angel message feels like. Angel messages are very safe and uplifting.
- Angel messages might be something that is difficult to understand as they might be something that makes sense according to your question.
- Follow directions, sometimes the entire path will not be laid in front of you. But you will keep on getting directions, once you accept and follow you will get another one.

Which messages to avoid?

Many messages you’ll receive that will not be from the angels. And as a beginner you might take some time to recognize that voice. But I will just give you few hints that will help you to recognize one’s which need to be avoided.
- Never ever follow any guidance that is negative. If some message seems dangerous, life-threatening or fatal just avoid it. Angels never tell you to end your life. They are here to help you with your difficulties. And no human is allowed to decide how to end their life or somebody else’s life. 

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Crystal Therapy

Crystals are naturally available stones, that have different compositions. And every cryatsl is unique. Do you want to learn how crystals work? how to select the perfect crystal for you, then watch this video..

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