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What is Numerology? How can it help? in Hindi

If you'd like to watch this video in English go here -   What is Numerology? How can it help? Have you ever wondered what numerology might be. It is an age old science which is also called the Science of numbers.  Numerology has been used since ancient times. And our ancestors had recognised the powers of Numbers. And they even used them to help them in various areas of life. Watch this video till the end to make sure you take in all the info I have shared. This video will help you learn a-z how numerology helps. If you want to get a Numerology Reading with me then go here - If you'd like to learn Numerology with me, then message me here priti at souls - purpose dot com That's all from me for now, let me know how did you like this video. Will get back again with a new video. Until next time Bye - Love & Light  Angel Blessings  #numerology #Whatisnumerology #Ho

Weekly Tarot & Angel Guidance for 28th January to 3rd February 2018 in Hindi

Check out the video that applies to your #SunSign and then let me know how did you like, come back after a few days and tell me how this week's guidance has helped you.  #Aries #Taurus  #Gemini #Cancer #Leo #Virgo #Libra #Scorpio #Sagittarius #Capricorn #Aquarius #Pisces Stay tuned by SUBSCRIBING Thanks for watching the video, God Bless you! Do come back to this site, for more knowledgeable videos.  I am sharing occult secrets, that nobody has shared till now on the internet. So watch out for new videos.

Tarot Reading on 50% Discount

Tarot Reading can help you know past, present and future. And get perfect answers to improve your life. I have a couple of packages that can help you to take your life to the next level, with Tarot Solutions and Advice.  I just gave this Tarot offer to one of person in need. So felt like giving this offer to you too. Get 50% off on all my readings.  Offer available till 20th Jan 2018, 12am. Only 3 readings available in a day. So plz confirm by msging.   Payment by bank transfer or paytm.  Make the most of this offer, bcoz Ive never give 50% off on my readings since past 4-5yrs.  👍 Price after 50% discount... is as follows 60min reading Rs. 1500/- 30min reading 1000/- Yearly reading Rs. 5700/-  Tarot+Angel+Numerology Reading Rs. 2999/- Chakra Reading Rs. 749/- Past Life Tarot reading Rs. 999/- Soul's Purpose Tarot Reading Rs. 999//- Valid only for this week. Amount to be fully used within this week, balance will not be carry forwarded.  Readings will be avai

Truth of Life

Life Phases - Life phases are chunks of life time, which might be different for every phase and different for people. Life phases consists of weeks/ months/ years and sometimes decades too. Where people choose to live and experience a certain event or moment or experience or emotion. Yes moment though is just a second or a minute for some. But for some it can be years. eg - Phase of love-life and romanticising, phase of being a foodie, phase of being in love with bikes #LifePhases Shadow Life Phases - These are phases where the person has chosen to be devoid of something, for some duration in life. These experiences are generally painful in nature. This can be extremely gloomy, but this experience brings a lot of learning to the soul. The shadow life phase isn't chosen by the conscious self, its the choice of unconscious mind. And this brings learning and upliftment for the soul. eg - depression phase of 12 to 14yrs, phase of being single for years , phase of being childless

January 2018 Tarot Reading in Hindi

Watch Tarot Monthly Reading for January 2018 for your Sun Sign, remember this reading is based on your Date of Birth. These videos are based on Hindi language. If you would like to watch these videos in English, then watch here january-2018-tarot-reading / Aries - #Aries Taurus - #Taurus Gemini - #Gemini Cancer - #Cancer Leo - #Leo Virgo - #Virgo Libra - #Libra Scorpio - #Scorpio Sagittarius - #Sagittarius Capricorn - #Capricorn Aquarius - #Aquarius Pisces - #Pisces Like, Comment and Share these videos with your friends, family, loved ones. And as always thats for watching. Until next week, bye

Mahabharata by S. S. Rajamouli

Hello guys, I saw this Mahabharata by S. S. Rajamouli movie is coming up on youtube. And I couldn't wait for it, so made a Tarot Reading on it. Its in making so this reading will help the creators for sure. If you are a Tarot Reader, then you can surely participate, and check what your say is on this reading. Have fun! Do you think Mahabharata, by S. S. Rajamouli is going to be a big hit? Then let me know in comments.  LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE! Thank you so much for stopping by.  Take Care 🙂