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Difference between Life Purpose & Soul's Purpose

If you have been following me since a while you might know that I keep mentioning the term Life purpose and Soul's Purpose a lot. And this might raise a confusion in your mind if you are not related to spirituality and motivational subjects. Let me elaborate this more clearly in this video, where I have explained it. Also as things are not always perfect I might have not covered all points that you might be thinking of. So if you think so please leave your comments/ suggestions/ questions in comment box down below. And share this with your friends as I feel everybody needs to know about their purpose and fulfilling it. Its YOU who is going to suffer if you are not fulfilling your purpose. And so just being aware about puropse isn't enough. You also need to fulfill it. If you'd like to get a free guide on Soul's Purpose then please fill in your details and you'll receive it for FREE. Subscribe to our mailing list Email Address First Name